Personal Philosophy Visual

The following is my “Personal Philosophy Visual” assignment submitted to “First-Year Composition 2.0” course offered by Georgia Institute of Technology at The assignment was as follows:

In your Personal Philosophy Essay, you wrote text to help readers understand why you believe something that is important to you. In this assignment, Personal Philosophy Visual, you will illustrate the same argument with an image, a title for the image, a caption for the image, and a citation for the source of the image. This assignment is not an illustration to accompany your Personal Philosophy Essay; rather, it is a separate, stand-alone assignment, another way for you to present your argument about an important belief—this time with an image.

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It has been a long time since someone asked me which animal was my favourite. The first time was in Rainbow School, grade 6, the teacher, named Jemmy, asked the class which animal we like. Most of them answered dogs, and cats, well someone answered tigers, and I answered penguin. When she asked why, I just simply answered, “Because I have a penguin-shaped doll.”

The penguin doll which I have now is very long belonged to me. It has done “skin replacement”, the replacement of the cloth that cover the doll, because the original one was easily damaged. The original one was smooth and cool when touched. Well, in my childhood, I love the doll because I can’t bear the heat of the blanket, then I hug the doll and feel cooler.

Recently, when I’m starting to use WhatsApp messenger on my cellphone, there were many emoticons, including penguin. Actually, I’ve been called “koala” or something like that. They said that it was because of the size of my body and “my cuteness” (my friends told me that I’m “cute”, I don’t think so). Leonard assigned the emoticon koala to me. And I assigned the emoticon cat to him and pig to Edward. Then I constantly used the emoticon penguin to refer it to me. Leonard also assigned the emoticon hen to Lenny.

When travelling to Singapore, day 2, we visited Jurong Bird Park, there I found that there were special place for penguins. I was very excited to see them. It was my second time to see penguins with my own eyes. The first time was around December 2006 and January 2007, we visited Singapore and ever visited Singapore Zoo. (the photo below was taken at Singapore Zoo)

Penguins at Singapore Zoo
Penguins at Singapore Zoo, Hmm I think it was Humboldt Penguin

At Jurong Bird Park that time, I bought some penguins figurine to share to my friends as souvenirs. Actually I also wanted to buy a penguin doll which has a “WWF” logo attached for myself. But it was very expensive, around SGD40 (IDR300k).

May 2012

Today is 5 May 2012 and almost all of those 5 first days of May was fun, miraculous, and memorable.

The 1st of May is known as May Day; also as Labour’s Day. The day in school was normal, except that we planned to have a lunch together in the Saturday. In the evening of this day, I joined my class’s WhatsApp group.

The 2nd of May was just like the usual one. In the evening, there was a activity in Rainbow School to report a disease. I teamed up with Cindyana to report “Vertigo” to the class; ahh, in this activity our team got the best. It was from this day the telephone line was dead which make my cable-based Internet connection also dead.

In the 3rd of May, I have planned well to watch Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of Sith. It was on this day I was told by Willy Sunjaya that Charlie & I passed the OSK. I went to the administration office in the 6th lesson to find out that in the Computer subject, I got the 3rd rank; Charlie got the 1st; and Chalvin, a Methodist 2 student which I have met before in the Scrabble competition, got the 2nd rank. Well, I got Rp800.000 (there are 6% income tax; nett: Rp752.000), a trophy, and a certificate. That evening gone well, I watched Star Wars without any disturbance from the Internet (because the Internet was dead).

May the 4th is the Star Wars day! May the fourth be with you (May the Force be with you). The biology lab this day was done quite well, we were using microscope after a long time not using that. On this evening, I started doing my Flash project: Angry Birds game; not just a video, it is a game! And because of this, I have used many complicated ActionScripts that the teacher didn’t teach.

The 5th May was fun and tiring. After the school, we (the drama group, minus Eko & Kosen) went to Sun Plaza by Jessica’s car to have a lunch at Seoul Garden. It was fun! We ate until around 3 p.m. and also took many photos.

LTR: Me, Lenny, Edward, Leonard, Vicky, Golfin; between Vicky and Golfin (top to bottom): Jessica, Roselyn

After that we went to Times (a bookstore); and at last to Gramedia (also bookstore). I bought “Mice Cartoon: Obladi Oblada Life Goes On” by Muhammad Misrad (a.k.a. Mice; read: mi-cə).

First half of April

First of April 2012 was full of Google. That Sunday, my life is full of Google: Chrome Multitask, Google Japanese Input, Gmail Tap, Google Fiber, Youtube Collection, Google-NASCAR self-driving car, etc. It was fun!

I forget whether it happened on 1st of April or 8th of April. I dreamed boarding a large ship which in the dream I assumed it ‘Titanic’. When the ship is near to a reef, I take a camera which I left there before. Then my grandmother asks me what it is for. I reply in Hokkien ‘hip siong‘ (to take photograph). Suddenly, I am swimming and walking in a shallow river with some western, local people, and my cousins. I take many photograph there. When we are at the river bank, I hear that some local musician are playing Ebiet G. Ade song “Masih Ada Waktu”. When we walk up to a hill, we come across some kids wearing flower costume which I assume they are kindergarten students although they are big enough to be considered as primary students. There I met Edward Chai with his 4 female friends playing around there: when they meet a boy, the girls scream; when they meet a girl, he screams like a girl. :P In a sudden, we arrive in my uncle’s villa. It is a 4-room villa.

At first, we are in the3rd room, then I go to the 1st room and notice tat my cousins are eating Minang food from Garuda Restaurant. I take photograph of all the rooms (because of it I remember the layout of the villa). Last, I take photo of 2nd room and notice a winter jacket; and then I wake up.

On 4th of April, OSK (National Science Olympiad: City/Regency level) for Computer subject was held on SMAN2 which is located next to Taman Indah Malibu. Ms Desy from Binus took us there by a car. There we (me, Charlie, Peter, Golfin, Sevien, Yoshua, Frederic) met friends from Sutomo 2 (Andi & Muhammad Faisal), and W.R. Supratman (Felix) who followed the final of BNPCHS2011. This year’s questions are more difficult than last year’s one. (also there are more questions which don’t have answer). When we return back to Sutomo, we were given free breads by Ms Desy. Thank you. After I arrived home, I begged not to go to Rainbow School that night because I’m too tired. Nah, I watched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Our Indonesian language teacher told us to make a drama. At first, I ignored it because I’m focusing on OSK. After OSK, I was tasked on the tech things such as the screen; the music; and the sound effect. On Friday, 13th of April, I started my A-Level Physics tuition. In the night, I rushed doing it because we must held a rehearsal with the projector and the costume on the Saturday.