1 September 2013

This week is quite normal already, there were less and less CCA activities. I finally can come back to my hall room earlier.

The sad news is one of my friends, Marcellino, failed the medical check-up because he is diagnosed with tuberculosis and needed to go back to Medan to cure the disease, and can be admitted back to NTU after the disease is cured. Hence, he must wait until the next academic year to be admitted back to NTU. We celebrated the farewell party on Tuesday at Block 54 TV Lounge around 11pm.

Thursday was union day. On this day, some classes are cancelled because of the event. Union day is the day to cast our vote to elect our school club’s main committees. This day too, I met my academic mentor, Dr Li Mo, at his office. Our meeting was very short as it was just introducing myself and he get to know me a little bit. At evening, the make-up class for the union day was held. It was my first lecture at evening.

On Friday, many events happened. First, I almost late to attend the lecture at 0930 because of me doing laundry. Second, SCE held a student-mentor lunch at Nanyang Auditorium to gather all the mentors and students in which my mentor did not attend. Third, international students are to collect their student pass of which I collect around 1.30 pm. Lastly, at the evening, I attend NTU Buddhist Society Annual General Meeting which results in a new management committee. Actually, at the time of AGM, I also wanted to attend NTU Open Source Society Welcome Tea, but it was impossible to attend 2 events at the same time.

On Saturday, PINTU held a recreational game called T-SPRAY (Traditional Sports Day) 2013 which commemorates the 68th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence day. We also played modern games like Futsal and Captain’s Ball. The event was fun but it made me got tanned again.

On Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship. This time, we got on time to attend the Sunday Service from the beginning. The dhamma talk is about happiness of giving, helping others, and unconditional love. At the evening, I went swimming and ate dinner at Canteen 1 of which I seen Dr Li Fang, lecturer of CZ1002, was there too but I was unsure so I didn’t greet her.


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