14 February 2018

I have an obsession with radio, especially BBC Radio 1.

I’ve started listening to BBC Radio 1 since 2011. I’m listening from UTC+7 and UTC+8 time zones. Because of that, I can only listen to daytime radio shows. Greg James is my favorite, as he has more similar music taste to me. Some other shows that are okay: Alice Levine. Danny Howard’s Dance Anthems were great too. This show plays song remixes only, and for first hour or two, it was usually good, but after a while, you kinda sick of remixes. Continue reading “Radio”

2017 in Review

I’ve been writing this post for quite some time when I was back home before focusing on playing KH2FM on PS2 and reading Star Wars: Bloodline. After I caught up with those two, I just didn’t have the time to write this post anymore before 2017 has ended. At early 2018, I started to focus and write, and it got so long and I had to start afresh with this post (because it actually contains a lot about work which could be confidential). So here it is, very briefly:

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