Seasons of Anime

I haven’t written any post for a while now. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been keeping a weekly journal of what I did over the week and this has been ongoing for several years now. In the past few months, outside of work, I’ve been quite occupied with watching anime.

Sunset in KL

2022 in Review

When 2021 ended, I picked 2022 as year of exploration: to discover new things, hidden or overlooked, places, food, or even knowledge. Looking back, it was really scary to break out from my shell of following routines. However, this year I learned a lot from such experience. This post will delve into three aspects: work, people, and health.

2022 in Books

Initially I planned to include this into the “year in review” post, but this section felt too long, so I separated it into another post.

This year, as tracked by Goodreads, I read 21 books (hmm, apparently they included 2-3 books that I didn’t finish reading). The number is comparable to the previous 1 or 2 years. When I work from home, there isn’t a set time to read book, so usually I don’t read. However, when working in office, I usually use the time for commuting to either listen to podcast or to read. Even so, this year, I felt less motivated to read books, but I discovered and read some great books.

MacRitchie Reservoir

Exploring Singapore, Episode VIII

Another week on leave, another opportunity to explore places in Singapore. Although as border reopens, this may be the final week-long episode for some time. Initially I structured my plans to be: visit a place for lunch, explore the surroundings, go back home and play game. However, plans changed along the way and that’s fine too.

Exploring Singapore Mini Episode: Raffles Lighthouse

In early April 2022, I went for a guided tour to Raffles Lighthouse. Raffles Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse of Singapore and is still in operation. Built at 1855 at Pulau Satumu, it is located at the edge of Singapore. The island is the southernmost point of Singapore. The only way to get here is to join the tour organized by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), who also operates the lighthouse.