It was a fine day in November 2016 when out of a sudden, Coldplay put out hints in interviews that they are going to play in Asia. I was hyped, and later that month, they dropped a hint that they’ll play in Singapore. Well well well, it was perfect.

The only issue out there was on securing the ticket, as the band has become mainstream and of course a lot of people would like to see them.

It was the day of the presale for Citibank card holders yet I didn’t have one. The seller website asked for the first 6 digits before selecting seat and checking out and I had just an indigenous idea. I googled it. Yes I did, and of course what I found was the sample card numbers of it, but I tried to key it in anyway. And it worked! So yeah, I was really excited and went on to select Cat 1 seat, and checked out directly. When it asked for a credit card number, well, I keyed in my usual one. (well, since I shopped quite a lot in the previous weeks, I have accidentally memorized my credit card number, including the CVV)

So that’s it for the 2016 part.