Play and Pause on BBC Sounds from Bluetooth Headset

I love BBC Radio 1 and I listen to it on the BBC Sounds website. But I noticed something weird. This web player is able to respond to my play/pause command from my Bluetooth headset!

This is quite weird, since not even popular websites like YouTube supported this kind of controls from a Bluetooth headset.

So I started researching.

Revision Week + Exam Week (1), Semester 4

30 April 2015

It’s the end of April. It’s the end of my 5-paper-in-3-day suffering.

So in this two-week I’ve been studying* all day# for the papers happening this week and it has been paid off well, sort of.

*: studying + other stuffs like checking Facebook, e-mail, WhatsApp, playing game, some coding, wild project ideas appearing.
#: yeah, I took rest now and then although sometimes rest time can extend so much that finally I decided not to study.