Remove Windows’s Invisible US-International Keyboard Layout

On Windows 10 and Windows 11, sometimes “United States-International” keyboard layout will appear in Window’s keyboard layout options. This keyboard layout is not what you normally want since most keyboard uses the normal US keyboard layout and not the US-International layout.

Keyboard layout list from taskbar showing English (United States) languagewith United States-International keyboard layout

There’s something strange going on. I do not have any memory of adding it. When you check the keyboard settings in Time & Language > Language & Region > English (United States) > Language options, you won’t see it listed in the keyboard list. This seems like a Windows bug that happened to some users since Windows 10 era.

Windows 11’s Language & Region settings

In English (United States) settings, only US QWERTY keyboard layout is enabled

Apparently, the workaround for this is to add the keyboard layout “United States-International” from “Add a keyboard”.

Find “United States-International” in “Add a keyboard”
After “United States-International” is added, you can remove it.

After this, “United States-International” will show up in the keyboard list. Then, you can find the option to remove it. After you removed it, it will disappear from the Keyboard layout list.

Keyboard layout list from taskbar no longer showing United States-International keyboard layout

However, this is not permanent. Seems like after some time, perhaps after some Windows Update, it will appear again in the list. However, when it happen again, one can re-apply the same trick again. Let’s hope that it will be fixed in future Windows versions.