National Examination

2013 in Review

31 December 2013

Many things happened in 2013, just like in 2012. The following lists what have happened to me in 2013:

Here comes the end of 2013, happy new year 2014. This blog is never been this crowded before. Thank you for being an audience of my stories. May the blog be filled with more posts in terms of quantity and quality.

P.S. see my year in review from Facebook.

Holiday progress

6 June 2013

On 1 June 2013, I got my report card and National Examination results. I got the 6th rank in my class. The results of National Exam was fairly good, the average was 9.00. My Indonesian language score was the worst from the others: 76.00, I don’t know why, but that’s it and I don’t mind it.

3 June 2013 was the photo session with Mr. Johnson and his students. We travelled to Hillpark Sibolangit (beside Greenhill). First when we arrived there, it was cloudy then it showered lightly. In the afternoon, the weather was very clear and hot but near evening it became cloudy and rained lightly. We took photos in many spots including the entrance gate, the interior of the building, and the merry-go-round attraction. We had our lunch at Sehati, Bandar Baru. After we went back to Medan, we had our dinner at Bakmi Guangzhou, Polonia before went back to our meeting point at Johnson Bimbel. At night when we arrived at Johnson Bimbel, it was raining heavily.

5 June 2013, in the afternoon, I, Peter, Golfin, Charlie, and Tommy went to GOR Veteran to play badminton. This time was quite crowded. It was very tiring after we played.

This week is the 5th week of my Introduction to Psychology course at coursera; also my second week of First-Year Composition 2.0. Overall I’m doing well but I must manage my time to do all the activities there.

My project of LM2 seemed to be halted for a while. The side-project, LM2C, which was LM2 but written in CodeIgniter framework had a design change: I implemented Twitter Bootstrap there. I’m concerned about POTD selection at Indonesian Wikipedia and I’m starting a new small project to facilitate the selection process.

National Examination

15-18 April 2013

On these days, the nation held a national examination (known as Ujian Nasional, UN) for senior high school students. Everyone knew that this year’s exam was not quite successful as there were many cases that make students difficult such as the late delivery of the question paper, the thin answer sheet, etc. In my school, luckily the exam went well. On the third day when we were supposed to have maths exam, the class opposite to my class initially got the question paper for biology exam. Quickly our school committee reacted to ask for additional question paper from each class. In the question paper packet, there were 20 question paper for 20 students and 1 additional question paper in case of erroneous paper printed.

Overall, I did it honestly without cheating although I think I make the worst in biology. I admit that I help other friends in the exam but the invigilators didn’t reacted at all. The invigilators are from other schools such as SMA Negeri 10, SMA Hang Kesturi, and SMA Wiyata Dharma; I knew it from their ID card which was pinned in their shirt.

Hope we all passed the examination and entered a higher level of education.