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The progress

30 May 2013

May is ending and my projects are stuck. The courses I’m following are going on. I have received edX’s CS188.1x certificate through its website.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve been spanning around teaching juniors, watching lectures, and watching films. On the last 3 days, I’ve just realised that my hosting site at have suspended me because “malicious script executed/ uploaded”. I don’t know which file causes that, but they have “banned” me. Time to find a new hosting, may be it’s time for a domain name.

On 24 May 2013, I received the note that I’ve passed the National Examination and graduated from the high school. Actually I have taught my juniors in the school, but then relocated to BCGM because of Andi from Sutomo 2 joined the intensive class. When I taught in the school, it seemed didn’t welcome me as the library keeper embarrassed and shooed me from the library. She’s never been a nice person since I’ve seen her.

Talking about library, it was nice because it was well conditioned by the AC-s, and the place is quite quiet. The books there are not very interesting, it was just old books and school text books. Another facility is the free internet-connected computers.

This Saturday, 1 June, I will go to the school again to receive my report card.

Life Goes On

The last day of school

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today is the last day of my high school times, also the last day of secondary education.

Early in the morning, I woke up around 5.50 am, because my alarm haven’t rung yet, I went back to sleep. 6.09 am, my alarm rang. After I did the usual things, I went to school just bringing books of National Examination questions, and class-shirt and jackets.

I arrived early, just after 7.00 that I already occupied my seat in the class. Being lazy, I played MouseHunt for a while before opening books.

Physics was the first lesson. Mr. Manaek, our Physics teacher, also our form teacher, told us that we should hang our dreams just a span above the head so we could reach it easily, not like other people sayings that told us to hand our dreams as high as the stars. He said that stars are very very far and hence unreachable. Then he distributed our National Exam ID cards before we took photos ourselves and with him.

Time for the first break. Our class attempt to do parade around the school were condemned by Ms Bertha who was at that time passed by our class.

Physics was followed by Civics that day. Things was just normal: we studied by ourselves (although most of the time was just playing and taking photos) Haha

In the second break, there were some who do parade around the school. I, Leonard, Lenny, Edward, Jessica L., and Vicky took photos in the small garden.

Next lesson was History, the teacher didn’t come. Instead, a replacement teacher was in for him. We continue our activities. Some people start a little discussion at the back. Maybe sharing experience in the class. I saw some of them drop a tear.

Chemistry was a little bit different. Mr. Andy, the chemistry teacher, discussed some questions before taking photos with us, which was a rare event, he usually refuses our requests but this time he accepts ours.

Math teacher, Mr. HL, was sick. He is said that he got a liver cancer which was incurable and was currently hospitalized in Singapore. Hope he can get well soon. In this lesson, some people gathered together to have a big discussion at the back. There is just a little who didn’t want to join them, including me.

Lunchtime! I ate my lunch, which was vegetarian because it is vegetarian day, quickly. After that, I, Leonard, Lenny, Edward, Jessica L., and Vicky take photos around the school.

Biology lesson, the last lesson in schooltime. Dr. Sunario was late, as usual. He started the lesson by a praying. Then, we requested to do a big sharing session. In the process of arranging the chairs, many of us took photos with him. He shared his experience as a doctor: a doctor must be ready everyday, and will not be rich; study is very important; and praying is important too. After that, Claudia shared her complaints about someone, she just wanted that people respect everyone’s opinion. Last, Jennifer shared her thoughts about Mr. HL. She used to hate him very much as she disliked his methods of “leaking” the exam questions before the exam. It is a common secret that Mr. HL is leaking the exam questions to ones who have a private tuition with him. She said that after Mr. HL was this sick, she felt very sorry about her doings. She said that we should forgive people before it is too late. Yeah, peace is very beautiful and war was nice just in films and games. After that, she said that we should only remember each person’s kindness so we could be happy when we met him/her  in the future. After that, she sang a song and shaking hands with others; and the lesson was closed by a praying by Dr. Sunario. We didn’t forget to take photos with him before we went home.

Before I went home, I said goodbye to some people, I also hugged some people. Many people hugged me at a time that it’s hard for me to breathe. I also participated in the yell-yell for the last time.

In the way to the exit, Lenny accompanied me and before leaving, I said good bye to her.

This is the end of the story of school. May we become what we want in the future.

My posts may be very erroneous in grammar and/or structure and I apologize for that.

Life Goes On Tools

Project: Revealed

Like our class monitor has announced, today, is the day where the project which I did since 12 December is released. Okay, the project is our class website. It is accessible at I thought I could release it by the semester exam, but I were so busy that I was postponed until the exam, i.e. I got more free-time on examination. It is intended for us to access resources from our Dropbox account via the website, because sharing links in Dropbox is too mainstream complicated.

Actually, this project is using most of the unreleased 2nd version of Lihat Masalah’s site-design and site-interface. Also combined with the first version of Lihat Masalah’s database. This project includes a new feature besides direct access to Dropbox: posting news and announcements. This project also uses the latest version of CKEditor: the 4th version. Lihat masalah has been using the 3rd version all the time. There is news sharing feature that utilize Facebook API, Twitter API, and Google+ API. There is one more to add: API. Woah, this is the first time I use API that much.

I revealed this website to Leonard on 23 December and he approved it. I was so happy to receive that news that I could not stop smiling. From that date, I worked more and more seriously on this project.

Today soon after the website was announced, there were bugs here and there, but they were resolved quickly. This website received positive reactions from ANT-ers.

I intend to post each profile of ANT member, so after we graduated, we still can access this website and find others’ profiles. I hope this project will be the basis of the 2nd version of Lihat Masalah, which I hope [again] can host a programming competition.

Visit ANT’s website at

Life Goes On


20 October 2012

I’m busy lately. School exam has started yesterday and lasted until 27th. On 27, I also must follow a try out on maths. The next day, on 28th, I’ve got to fly to Bandung to attend the first national training camp in informatics for a month.  Every week starting from 23 August, there was a long-distance training from them. What’s worse, my deadline on registration to NTU/NUS was also at 27 October. (well, if I return the form after I came back from Bandung, the time will be too little as there was always many things to do in school)

Life Goes On

17th birthday

8th October 2012

This day is Monday, started my day on Malibu’s home at 6am. The first song that stuck on my head was The Killers – Runaways. When I turned on my cellphone, I got some SMS greeting my birthday: from Ricky, Lenny, and Alwyn. When I started WhatsApp, I got more: from Devi, Leonard, Eko, Khendry, Nicholas, Roynikko, Josep, Sylvia, Juliana, Robert, and Wilson Tianusa. In the way to the school, my family greeted me.

In the class, the first to greet me was Golfin, followed by Edward, and Jensen. Some came to my place just to greet me, like Devi, Josep, and Vinsensius. When Leonard showed up, he directly came to me and greeted me :) There were many friends who directly greeted me, some of them which I recalled were: Hartono, Claudia, Hendry, Roselyn, Vicky, Winnie, Inez, Steffi, Sylvia, Roy, Ricky, Peter, Heryadi, Nicholas, Jason, Juliana, Cindyana, Charlie, Stella, Lily, Tiffany, and Andy.

On the first recess, I got tricked by Vinsensius: he handed me a printer, which was belonged to HL, our maths teacher. Well, I got somewhat embarrassed because of it.

Well, on the lunch break I got a “surprise” from my friends: they bought me a cake, written on the top was “Happy birthday Penguin”, haha. Also, I was forced to placed the candles myself :P and then were asked to get out from the class and then pretend not to know anything about the cake. The process was somewhat quick. It was done before the group of Vinsensius came back from lunch. They quickly packed the cake into the box and hid it from them.

When I came back from school, it was tuition. There, I was greeted by the teacher, Johan Rusli, also some of my friends: Edwin Jingga, and Herdiyenti Howard.

At home, there was a tradition to take photos with the cakes that were put on the table and we sat in the sofa: each year the view was the same, that’s why I called it tradition. This time, I was photographed with two cakes. Haha, my cake, which was bought yesterday and chosen by me, in my opinion was very nice: chocolate cake covered by chocolate with blueberry and jelly fillings and fruit toppings.

This birthday, generally I hope that may all beings live happily. Specifically, I hope that my families and friends were in good conditions all the time; I can passed the Entrance Examination of NTU/NUS and get a scholarship there, and in the future, I can work in Wikimedia Foundation or Mozilla Foundation. (Well, this is the very-long-term plan) :P Haha