Exploring Singapore

2 August 2020

Last week I took a week off work to explore Singapore. It was an odd decision, as almost no one are taking leave these days. As I haven’t been on leave ever since Chinese New Year (back in January), I did really need a break from work. Besides that, it was a good excuse to travel around Singapore.

Ever since I come to Singapore in 2013, most of my earlier years has been confined in Pulau NTU. After I started working, I also don’t really like to go explore that much because these attractions are crowded especially on weekends. That is why this is the perfect time to explore Singapore since all the tourist attractions are empty as there are no tourists from overseas!

If I include the weekends, this means that I’m off from work for 9 days, and I did use them well: 4 days traveling and 3 days of resting 😊

Singapore (day 6)

11 July 2012

This was the day which we went back to Medan. We woke up around 6, cleaned ourselves and had breakfast fast. At 7.45 we have arrived at the coach station that took us to the airport by a free shuttle bus. At 8, it departed. Before 9, it had arrived at Budget Terminal in Changi Airport. We checked in through the counter and then waited, and drank very much water which were taken from the hotel, as those water wouldn’t be allowed to get in to the waiting room.

Around 9.30 we went there; with the water bottles emptied out :P There were computers with free Internet access, but they were all occupied. Around 10, I got a chance to go online for a while, before it, I just turned on my laptop and then fixed the wordings of the drafts of these post. We went to our aircraft at 10.30, after queuing in a long line. Before leave, we took photos in the aircraft parking area; but then we were prohibited by the guards, a.k.a. auxiliary police.

Arrived in Medan at 11, when walking through the immigration, I turned on my cellphone and then texted my friend that I’ve arrived in Medan. In the immigration, the queue was terrible, it was a stack! Not queue. (for those who understand) After finished going through the immigration, took our luggage, got out from the terminal; we took taxi that cost us Rp65,000 to our home; well the tariff was “cheap” compared to that of in Singapore; just from Marina Bay Sands to NUS UCC, or Jurong Point to Marina Bay Sands; or Clementi Mall to Marina Bay Sands, it cost around SGD11. remember the facilities of the taxis. In Medan, the taxi’s AC was not as cool as those in Singapore; but maybe it was here it was still hot afternoon. Also it was unmetered, so we need to talk of the tariff before we get in. Around 12.30, we arrived home; the traffic jam was also very terrible. But in this terrible city, I love it very much. There was no way you could see one plants a tree, yes, a tree, at their home.

Singapore (day 5)

10 July 2012

This was our last night on Singapore, also this day was our long-waited day: my brother’s commencement at NUS University Cultural Centre.

This day started late, we slowly cleaned ourselves and had breakfast in the hotel room: BreadTalk’s bread.

Around 10 am, we’ve arrived at ArtScience Museum, I and my sister entered the Harry Potter Exhibition and Andy Warhol Exhibition. First we got in to the Harry Potter’s one at B2 floor. A guide led us until the exhibition room; after that it was just a normal museum, they just exhibit the costumes, the properties, and the feelings in the film. We got out around 11 am; and directly went to 3rd floor to enter Andy Warhol’s. He was just an illustrator and artist. It exhibited his creations, such as paintings, products, belongings (some examples were boxes; called Time Capsule), art-making (e.g. “clouds” from helium ballon covered with silver), film, etc. Around 12 we went to the 4th floor to see some of the origin of the ArtScience Museum, which they explain why the museum combines art and science. We went straight to B2 floor to continue the Andy Warhol’s exhibition. There we were instructed to photograph our belongings; and made a glasses from paper.

We then went back to our parents, had lunch at Rasapura Masters, at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I had char siew wanton noodle; and honeydew melon. Around 1 pm we went back to our hotel room. Around 2 pm, we rode taxi to NUS University Cultural Centre to attend the commencement of my brother. Around 3pm the commencement started until around 5; we took a lot of photos until around 6 pm. There we met his friends. We went to Clementi Mall’s Crystal Jade Kitchen to had dinner. Our dinner was baby kailan, fish, pork (pai kut), char siew,  and sio bak. For dessert, they gave me and my sister mango pudding, while the other got red bean soup. The mango pudding was very nice, it was combination of real mango, pudding, and some milk.

Finally my brother left us and we went back to our hotel by taxi after bought some “souvenirs” from Bee Cheng Hiang (Mei Cen Siang)