This week I am busy, very busy. The last time I updated this blog was on Aug 17 which was a public holiday. On 15 until 23 Aug, I had a monthly exam. I predict my result for this exam will be good (of which I hope I get full mark on Maths and Physics). After the exam, I played chess (Chess Titans level 4),  and played C&C Yuri’s Revenge; after that I went for a nap. Overall this week until 23 Aug my days are good.

Starting from 24 August, I have trouble in sleeping which I don’t have on exam. 24 August evening, I present a “cooking demo” in my English tuition which my team got the worst result. 25 August is somewhat a nice day. 26 August, I had a chemistry lab session which my team didn’t finish the experiment before the time limit.

I hope 27 August will be a good day, tomorrow is the first day of Programming Club in this semester. Also, tomorrow I will go to Berastagi on the evening.

I make this week as “A Rush of Blood to the Head” week so everyday I listen to the songs from that album by Coldplay.

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