First week of 2013

5 January 2013

First week of January 2013 has been spent a lot on web-developing, playing games, and thinking.

1 January 2013

On this day, I and my family went to Pantai Pondok Permain, Pantai Cermin, Serdang Bedagai. We departed from Medan on 10 and arrived there on 12. It was extremely crowded! Every corner was filled with men. Luckily we found a parking slot near the restaurant and (luckily again) found an empty table on the restaurant near the beach. We ordered Rajungan, prawns, Gurami, and Stingray. We had fresh coconut and tea as our beverage. After lunch, we just enjoyed the view and then went home. On the way home, I noticed that Lenny and her family was on their way in to the beach. On home, I also noticed that Jason, another friend of mine, was on that beach too as he also checked in to that beach on Foursquare.

2 January 2013

The morning was spent on GTA: San Andreas, it was very nostalgic, haha. In the afternoon, Golfin came to my house. First, he asked something related to Javascript and jQuery, then we just having conversation until 5 pm.

3 January 2013

The morning was spent on MGS 3: Snake Eater, I continued the last saved file: it was fighting Volgin; and played until the end of the game, then replayed it until some place before the end of Virtuous Mission.

In the afternoon, I had tuition, a long one. The night was spent on web-developing.

4 January 2013

Spent my time on Wikipedia, judging articles that passed the criteria of 2013 Marathon. This “marathon” was intended to increase Wikipedia article, and the winner (who had the most article which passed the criteria) will get a souvenir from Wikimedia Indonesia. Got sleepy around 3 pm and eventually took a nap. It was 4 and my tuition started at 4! I rushed there, haha; but luckily I got a good seat. The night, my Mousehunt team joined a tournament, the results: we got another Participant point.

5 January 2013

*this was long, and will be posted separately, haha*

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