Last Saturday and Sunday, I had my NTU UEE at SMA St. Thomas Medan.

It was my first time to enter SMA St. Thomas. It was quite nice, the students still having activities in the school after school hours, like playing basketball, table tennis, and dancing. But, their toilets were not: it was very dirty, somewhat unmaintained.

We took the examination at the school’s hall, no air conditioner were available [at the hall]. We were supposed to be sweaty, but hopefully it rained, and it was quite cool.

On Saturday, I had Mathematics (1300-1500), then English (1630-1830). I got some errors in my Maths. I’m worried the most on English: I think I messed up on the writing section, there were 2 topics to be chosen, but none of them is kind of my interest: increasing divorce rate; and increasing attention on fashion.

On Sunday, I had Physics (0850-1050) and Chemistry (1130-1330). The Physics test was a little bit late because the invigilator said that they got an accident. After some asking by a parent, we found out that one of two invigilator on Saturday’s test got robbed on Jl Semarang, the street full of Chinese foods. Okay, when I’m doing Physics, it was not quite difficult, but after exam, I realized that some of my working were erroneous.

For Chemistry, it was lonesome, there were just around 30 people joining that test. I can say that the test were somewhat the same difficulty as NUS one, the MCQ was easier, but the essay was tricky. And for some questions, I got no idea on solving them.

After exam, I discussed a little with Hartono until we met his father, chatting with my father. I and my family went to have lunch at Njo Nja, a restaurant near that school. Then, we went home.

It was finally over. The preparation started from 3 years ago, and the exam just lasted for 2 hours each. I wish for them accepting me. :)


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