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13 June 2013

It’s mid-June already. My Introductory Psychology course have gone into Week 6, “First-Year Composition 2.0” in Week 3, and I started “Creative Programming” course. Whew, so many course that I follow.

On 6 June, Sutomo 1 Science Explorartion Club held a meeting in D’loft, Thamrin Plaza, and we discussed many things there. The results were to restructure the guidebook into something like an act (in laws). The work is in progress.

8-10 June is devoted to LM2C: I’ve successfully done many things here like login/logout, new/edit/delete problems/solutions. I came across TankAuth of CodeIgniter, maybe I should implement it.

On 11 June, we held an informal briefing about studying in Singapore with seniors (Andy, Martin, Filbert) in Solaria/D’loft, Thamrin Plaza. There they edit the list of things that were recommended to bring by the other senior in PINTU group. They also told us about details there: how to get minor, what the room looks like, what are the available CCAs, how to get sufficient points to ensure getting a room in the hall next year, etc.

By the way, this is the 100th [public] post of this blog. Yay!

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