15 September 2013

The fifth week had been a tiring one. Almost everyday I went back to room at night. I tried to come back straight to my room as early as possible but for some reasons I can’t.

On Monday, I helped Jefferson carry NTUBS stuff to his room. Tuesday and Wednesday is relaxing. I got the time to move stuffs from my old laptop to the new one. I had to admit that Windows 8 is nicer than Windows 7 in terms of usability. But in the appearance, Windows Vista comes the best for me.

On Thursday, I successfully ordered a Microsoft Surface with Type Cover at Learning Pod @ South Spine after a one-hour queue. Hope that the tablet will be substituting the physical lecture notes for the next 4 years. On this day too, I had the first meeting with NTUBS Resource Team. It was very memorable as we got ‘kicked out’ from the room that we used twice. At last we conduct the meeting at an obscured table. Our agenda will be managing the cabinet and the library. The biggest problem is the library: no one seemed to be attracted to the books offered at NTUBS Library.

On Friday, CZ1004 group project meeting was conducted again at dual screen PC at LWN Library. This time, we submitted contents in summary and next time we will come back in more details also I was assigned to design the T web. At the evening, I attended the first Dhamma Class conducted by NTUBS, with the speaker being Ven. Rathanasara with a nice topic, about the diversity in Buddhist: why there are sectarian Buddhists. The class was nice and I understand that every teaching is mainly the same, each just differ in the traditions.

On Saturday, I had a dinner together with friends at Canteen 1. Also on this day, The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit was released and I got the chance to watch online. Although in a lower quality, the episodes was still nice.

On Sunday, I went to Poh Ming Tse to attend a Dhamma Talk. The speaker talks about the truth of Buddha’s life, what is Buddha, why should we trust him, and sieving the facts from fictions. She said that the stories told to us about Buddha’s life has been dramatized a lot and she said that the real trace about Buddha’s life only contained in Theravada school (there are canons in other school, but it was not complete; Theravada was the complete one). She also talked about Buddha being “not that spectacular like in the stories” but he is enlightened and what things that one will see and know if that person is enlightened. At the evening, we, students from Medan, had dinner together at Canteen 1 with Zillion and this is the first time I had an ice-cream at Canteen 1. We then celebrated his birthday in his room but then we moved to TV Lounge. It was quite long since our last gathering.

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