Exam Week (1)

1 December 2013

After the start of my first exam on 22 November 2013 on Discrete Mathematics, this week I got 2 examinations. One is on Introduction to Computational Thinking (a.k.a. Python course); and on Digital Logic. The Python course exam is on Tuesday while the Digital Logic course exam is on Wednesday.

On Monday, some of us gathered at SAC  to discuss some doubts together before having some fun there. But I left quite early because I felt not that healthy that day.

Before the exam on Tuesday at SRC hall D, we had lunch together first at Canteen 1. The examination on Python went well but includes some errors. This time the exam is more on syntax than on the so-called ‘computational thinking’ as there are Python code that in some lines are left blank and we were told to fill in the blanks. I knew that this will be easier for grading since the correct codes will be just very limited variation (as the variable names are already declared). After checking over and over again, hopefully the errors I made are minimized. After the exam, I went back to my room and rest for a while before reviewing Digital Logic. On this day too, the Hall 11 JCRC provided a free exam welfare supper: tea and biscuits. Being greedy, I went to drink 4 glasses of tea and as a result, I can’t sleep well. :(

The next day, after having lunch together again at Canteen 1, we went to the exam hall at the same place. This time, I sat just under the air conditioner and I felt really cold even with me wearing jacket. I quicken up my writing speed as I spend around 30 minutes just for the first question. In the end, I finished my work around 30 minutes before the end of the exam, while for the previous 2 exams, I finished it in just 1 hour. After the examinations, I went back to my hall and took a rest. The night is spent for coding a recent-changes watcher tool for Indonesian Wikipedia, it’s called “Raun” and it is live at raun.kenrick95.org.

The days after that was spent for revising Principle of Economics, although there are also many times spent on procrastination. Even until now, I’m not as confident as the other courses. The examination will be held on Monday afternoon/evening (1700-1900).

Next week, besides having Economics examination, I will also have my last examination on Thursday on Introduction to Computing Systems (which is a memorize-everything[-and-forget-all-after-exam, by Robert’s suggestion] course).

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