Holiday (3)

1 June 2014

Another week has ended. The week was filled with “doing nothing” (read: procrastinating), “working”, watching movies, (little of) studying, and swimming (yeah!).

On Monday, I somehow did nothing. In the afternoon, I went working part-time, and ended the day with watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2013). It was a great work indeed although I think that many parts were just being extended with unnecessary stuffs so that the movie got longer.

On Tuesday, it was the last day I had lunch together with Jefferson at Canteen 11 as he was going back to hometown and won’t be returning to Hall 11 next year (most probably, I won’t, too). In the afternoon, I went for my part-time work at Learning Pod @ South Spine. It was my first time working there, which means I need to set up the Outlook so that I can send service request (as stated in the procedure). But this setting up time was very time-consuming as the connection between the program and the server was slow and very likely to hangs. But once it was done, the connection was as fast as sending emails. It’s weird. I ended the day with watching V for Vendetta (2006). It was a movie inspiring the rise of freedom (in extreme, anarchy) fighting the totalitarian government.

On Wednesday, because of boredom, in the evening, I went swimming at SRC! If I recall, the last time I went swimming at SRC was on early week (Week 1 maybe) of Semester 1. It was surprising to meet Dhika there though. Quite tiring, but worth the time. I ended the day with watching The Dark Knight (2008). Well, this is the 2nd movie of a trilogy, which I’ve forgotten what the first movie is about but I can got along with the movie. The movie was a nice superhero style movie although the theme was quite dark.

On Thursday, after a part-time work, I went to SAO for giving the PnP manager a favor, which is asking SAO for stamp at the camp poster. It turned out that CM, Stephen, and Ze Yong was there too for meeting SAO about the programs of the camp, which I was dragged into and just “sit and smile” all the time. After that, I, Stephen, and CM went to NS and SS for pasting the posters. Straight after pasting all the posters, I went back to my room, resting for a while before getting up for swimming. The swimming hype is on :) I ended the day with watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010). Well, I’ve read some beginning chapters of the novel, and when I compare the parts that I’ve read with this one, it has been super trimmed. I’d say that this is an entertaining movie.

On Friday, our examination results were out! What makes my day is the grade of CZ0001 Engineers and Society which was better than expected. The heavy efforts put in it totally worth it :) My expected cGPA was just being constant. Because of this, the realized cGPA was pulled up! yay! I ended the day with watching White House Down (2013). It was quite unrealistic as the White House is somehow very easily infiltrated, US Secret Service was all shot down in a very short time, and a rejected US Secret Service applicant saved the President along with the hostages from all the crisis. Besides that, it was a nice action movie.

On Saturday, I did laundry and downloaded Battlefield 3, free from Origin (well, the download speed was unexpectedly super fast), and played the Single Player Campaign until half. Thinking of it, the image quality was so real that the campaign was more like a movie where the people can interact with the movie, and must do some things (objectives) to complete the movie (campaign). At the afternoon, I went to Buddhist Fellowship Youth service, with Dhika and Aryani, where the speaker, Bro. Tai Wee, speaks about being an adult with pain and pleasure. The main point was that adulthood has the properties of life, which is the four noble truths. The sutta discussion after that was excerpts from Lohicca Sutta [DN 12], focusing on the Five Hindrances. Then we had a communal meal, where we were catered a meal and ate together. I ended the day with watching The Social Network (2010). I’d say this was not a thriller, and this inspired me to know more about Facebook. And, wow, Mark was such a nerd (as depicted in the movie). He was depicted developing Facemash while drunk, and blogging. And when he was “wired” (writing codes), his focus can’t be altered.

On Sunday, in the morning, I tidied up my desk, started to packing stuffs, and then I continued playing Battlefield 3 campaign. At the afternoon, I went swimming again, with Dhika, again. I ended the day with watching The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). Quite a modern Spider-Man, with tech and science stuffs that created a Spider-Man as we know it.

Next week, on 3rd of June, my family will be visiting me before going together with me to visit my brother at Canada, with a self tour around eastern part of Canada and USA. We’ll spent the next 3 weeks there :) [and I may not be available for blogging for those times]

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