Week 12 & 13, Semester 3

16 October 2014

The semester has ended. The seemingly-endless assignments have ended. I’m ready to start revision. But alas, now I fell sick. Nevertheless, I still pushed myself to write.

These two weeks were the last busy weeks on assignments, reports, submissions, etc. And the weeks ended with a little getaway at ICPC Bangkok 2014.

Week 12

Week 12 was another busy week. It started with me rushing doing the report for the last CZ2001 lab. Near noon, I rushed to school, attending the last CZ2002 tutorial and then queuing up for NTUSU’s goodie bag, in which I gave up and went for SWC’s talk (which gave the attendants SWC + NTUSU goodie bag). Next, it has been too late for me to have lunch before going to lab, so I directly went to lab, presented and everything were done :) Next, I had lunch before going back to my room, continued doing CZ2005 lab report, and then I started a new side-project.

The next day, I skipped CZ2001 lecture (as I woke up late) despite my plan the day before to go to this last lecture. But I went for CZ2002 lecture directly after that one. After I had lunch, I went to CZ2001 2nd last tutorial and then CZ2003 lecture. The rest of the time I spent on doing CZ2005 lab report and continuing the side-project.

On Wednesday, I woke up early to do CZ2002 lab, which took very long to finish. After that I printed my CZ2005 lab report and directly submitted it. After lunch, I did nothing until HW0210 tutorial which I saw the other groups presenting.

On Thursday, I went for CZ2005 revision lecture which ended quite early. Next, I went for my normal early-lunch, CZ2003 tutorial, BU8301 lecture, late-lunch, and ended the day with BU8301 tutorial. Next, I went for NTUBS BAW meeting and my part-time work which I continued doing my URECA here.

On Friday, I woke up early to attend CZ2003 lecture, then CZ2002 “lecture”, which was no more but no announcement have been made (since we assumed that the last lecture will be revision lecture). Me and Edwin talked about the URECA project for quite long before I went back, started doing JavaDoc for my assignment and coding my side-project. In the afternoon, I went for CZ2004 last “lecture”, which was actually a mass-tutorial.

On Saturday, I continued to do JavaDoc the whole day (while procrastination a lot of time). In the evening, I went out with NTUBS MC for a dinner at around Tanjong Pagar area. After having dinner and lots of pun exchange, we went back under heavy rain which broke my umbrella and wet my shoes. Arriving back, I went for doing laundry and had a video-call session with Leonard and Vicky until quite late.

On Sunday, I woke up late (around 10), had my breakfast, and skipped my lunch (because I was quite full). In the meantime, I got more productive by finishing JavaDoc, almost finishing my side-project, and doing my presentation for HW0210. In the afternoon, I solved 3 out of 4 problems of Google APAC Test Round D. Well basically this time all of them are easy but the last problem requires me to code so long, so I didn’t do it.

Week 13

On Monday, I went for CZ2002 group meeting, finishing the recording for video demo, had lunch and went for HW0210 group presentation meeting which lasted quite long. Going back, I finished combining the videos before dinner and after that I continued doing my side-project and finishing my CZ2003 lab submission.

On Tuesday, I skipped again CZ2001 lecture despite my plan the night before. Nevertheless, this time watched the recording straight after it was posted. Next I went for CZ2001 last tutorial before going for CZ2003 last lecture on revision. At the night, I did the CZ2002 assignment report and continued doing the side-project. Now it was quite ready for the private beta although much need to be improved.

On Wednesday, I went for CZ2002 last lab, went back, had some rest, practiced my presentation, and presented on HW0210 tutorial. Well, the feedback was not that good but hopefully the grade won’t affect my overall grade that much. Going back, I had some rest before going for ICPC training that night. Going back again, I packed up my stuffs as we were going for Bangkok using 7pm flight and were predicted that I had no time for packing up the next day.

On Thursday, I woke up quite late, straight went for CZ2003 last tutorial, BU8301 last lecture, and BU8301 last tutorial. Next was journey for ICPC Bangkok 2014 until Sunday.

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