Week 9, Semester 4: Time Flies!

25 March 2015

Time flies so fast and it was week 9 already.

I didn’t know why but I am always busy during the weekends, and resting times were “bought” by skipping morning classes (especially Software Engineering classes) although I am determined to not skipping classes since I find it hard to have time in watching the recordings.

On Monday, I went to the CZ3001 lecture and then went to Software Lab to have early start on CZ2007 Intro to Database Systems 4th lab (as suggested by the lab technician, since we only have 3 days after the lab to submit the report, which she think that it is a very hard task). So after creating the tables, she came around and reminded us about the constraints and checks. -_- Well we forget to do that, and we revised it quickly before the time was up. After lunch, I continued to attend CZ2007 lecture which was short and hot as the aircon was not working. Then I went south to Canteen B to have some cold snack (Llao Llao Fro-yo) and rested for a while before going for the entertaining CM8003 lecture at LKC-LT. After that, I went north to Business Library (since it was near to my next lecture venue) to spend some time browsing about Artificial Neural Network. The day ended with me going for CZ3005 AI lecture (which may have turned into Discrete Math lecture as it was talking very abstract stuffs and very different from what the AI MOOC from edx offered). After dinner, I went back and concentrated on doing my part-time web development stuffs, researching on how to use Django and reading the source code to know where I should code to implement the feature required. Since it was so interesting, I was so “absorbed” into this until I lost track of time. [Well, hiding taskbar is good idea for having less distraction, but it is also may cause loss of time-tracking]

Tuesday started with me skipping CZ2006 lecture since I haven’t watched the previous lecture recording and I was too sleepy. I started the day by having Software Engineering group project meeting. After the meeting, I went to lunch and then attended CZ2007 tutorial which tutor was replaced by a Chinese woman who taught not as good as Xiaokui, but then she provides the Critical Thinking solution which we may need during revision. After resting and coding for a while, I then went to CZ3001 tutorial and after dinner, I went back and did some research on our CZ0002 Green Computing presentation on Hydrogen Cars.

Wednesday also started with me skipping CZ2006 tutorial (since there was like no use in joining the tutorial as the tutor just commented on everyone’s answer and not giving any “model solution” at all). I started the day doing some part on SRS, about the Software Interface. Then after lunch, I went to CZ0002 lecture which the presentation series have started. I found it hard to pay attention on what the presenter said while needing to write down summary of what they presented. After the presentation sessions, I went to have early dinner at Canteen B before going for BU8401 seminar which ended very early (normally should end at 2030, but that day it ended at 1930). After that I went to CNS 2015 2nd General Meeting which took quite some time for everyone to give update on the portfolios.

Thursday started with me going to NYH since Thiri needed some items for her Exam Supper trial. After going back, I skipped the CZ2006 lecture. I spent some time finishing my blog (well, nowadays it’s hard to find time to write). After lunch, I went to CZ2007 lecture and CZ3005 lecture. After that, I went to Hardware Lab 4 to do free access on CZ3001, skipping the CM8003 class. At the end of the day, we finished wiring all the modules, like finally! But was not working properly yet :( I went back to have some rest and dinner before going to part-time CITS work at SSLP which I make use of for doing part-time web development work.

Friday was quite free although I need to wake up early to attend CZ0002 Green Computing presentation meeting that combined all those “independent slides” into a single “combined slides” but still need further improvement to reduce the overlapping of content between each parts. After the meeting, I went to NYH, taking the seminar room key for the night event. Then went to tapao food from Canteen 2, “nasi lemak with Chicken Wing and egg” which costs $2.5 and it was really worth the money (although quite scary as the Chicken Wing quite large). After lunch, I went to SCE Student Lounge to collect my SCE Shirt (which design is suck) and then went to CZ3001 lecture and CZ3005 tutorial (which may have turned into Discrete Math tutorial :P) After that, I went back to my room, resting for a while before going for dinner with my subcom and then to NYH setting up Dharma Talk 2. The attendees were very few ._. The speaker, Bro Kweh Soon Han, talked about how to practice Dharma daily. After the talk and finishing the cleaning up, in which many of my subcoms helped a lot (and I didn’t even carry anything down to the cabinet). Woah, I was so grateful to have been helped by them :)

Saturday was tiring, I started the day attending the monthly ICPC Training contest, in which I attempted to solve 3 problems but only get 1 AC and the rest was WA. After the contest and a lunch, I went to CNS Programmer meeting which lasted from 1500 (1430-1500 was spent to find a TR which is not occupied) till 1830. -_- Very long indeed. After dinner at McD, I went back and did “what Sheldon did on Saturday night”: laundry :P while watching CM8003 lecture recording.

Sunday was well spent on Buddhist Fellowship Sunday Service. The speaker, Dr Ang Beng Choo, talked about her experience on how to make others happy while also making oneself happy. She shared lots of stories, one of them is this:

Once upon a time, a prince just become the king and sought advice from the Buddha. Buddha told him to go through 3 gates and follow the advice written on the gates. The first one has “change the world” written on it. He then went back and tried to change the world, so that the world can be a better place, but failed. Hence he go through the 2nd gate which says “change others”. Now he tried to change the people that makes up the world, but then failed again. The 3rd gate has “change yourself” written on it. Yeah he thought that if he changed himself to be a role model for others, others will change too. But he tried so hard and failed again. He then went back to the Buddha and Buddha asked him to go through the gate in reverse. On the back of the 3rd gate was “accept yourself”, 2nd gate was “accept others”, and lastly “accept the world”.

After going back, I had some nap and then revised CM8003 for the midterm on the next day while having very low mood for studying nor doing anything productive (and maybe the distractions were myriad).

The week has once again concluded, by the way my self-sourced IO registration was successful and hence the internship that I will do in this summer at Healint will be considered as IO and I will be free on the summer of my 3rd year. Free in the sense that I can do anything (summer studies? Oversea internship? Who knows?)

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