Exam Week (2), Semester 4

It was my 2nd week of having exams. Left with BU8401 Management Decision Tools and CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence towards the mid-end of the week, I started the week not quite that productive, partly because the workload was quite few compared to the previous week and it was “still far away”. Towards the end, I celebrated the end of my semester 4 by watching numerous movies.

So basically my typical day was: wake up around 9, had breakfast, tried a PYP, had lunch, tried another PYP, break, another PYP, dinner, another PYP, and then rest. Well, that was almost unachievable everyday.

On Monday, I spent lots of time catching up with my TypeScript course on edx in which I finished all but the final project (with minimum time of watching the videos, which was not that useful). I also spent quite some times editing Wikipedia.

On Tuesday, many times were spent on touchpianist.com, where it was just so easy to play piano, the only challenge is to press at the right time. Well, turned out that the song that my sister liked to play (Chopin – Nocturne In E-Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2) is quite hard and quite long. I also played lots of Jetpack Joyride.

On Wednesday, I did my final BU8401 PYP while entertained by Coldplay – Toronto 2006 performance. For me, It was still so far their best concert. At the evening, I had the BU8401 Management Decision Tools exam. It was hard. Really hard. The first question was on modelling the LP, not that complicated, and worth lots of marks (25). The subsequent question (especially question 3, on Queueing and Simulation) took longer time than the mark is worth. The 2nd part of queuing question took very much of my time (and quite ma fan to calculate, as my calculator does not support sigma operator). I seriously finished the exam just in the final 15 minutes time frame, which was not usual to me. This examination was hard, but somehow fun as the whole problems introduced in the class can be tested in this 4 questions. After that, I went back with Zillion and had dinner at Canteen 1 after finding out that Canteen B and Canteen 4 has closed. After chilling off, I revised CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence.

On Thursday, I woke up and revised for the final exam of the semester. This final examination was quite hard since the style of first 2 questions was the first time appearing; and for the last 2 questions, the style was similar to some PYP but it was hard and not quite worth the mark to do as in one part, it asked for lots of things. The clock ticked to 3pm, the examination is finished, that means my semester is done! I directly went back, had some rest, and at night, went to SSLP for CITS duty.

On Friday, I woke up early to go to Mexico embassy, applying for visa to attend Wikimania 2015, but they did not accept me since I missed out some documents, and those documents were not even listed in their website! *annoyed* After getting the list of what they want, I went back and started to process their requests. In the afternoon, I watched “Olympus Has Fallen”, I was amazed on how easy it was to infiltrate White House and took it down. But as I observed, there was no point on doing terrorist stuff like taking hostage in hostile ground, since you will be surrounded and if the hostage died, then you will have no value anymore in doing the attack. After some nap and dinner, I watched another movie titled “The Wolf of Wall Street”. I did not enjoy this movie, it was just too much speeches, bullshits, sex scenes, and bad humor. What a waste of 3-hour.

On Saturday, I went to the NTU ICPC training in teams (although we did not solve any) in the morning and in the afternoon I joined the CNS Programmer photoshoot session which was under the hot sun. After that I went back and watched “The Imitation Game”, a movie about Alan Turing but more focused on his homosexuality while also telling the stories of him doing computer that breaks the Enigma machine. Although there were numerous errors on his works, I was really excited when he had the epiphany to make the code breaking computer works. It was somehow similar to me when there is a fresh solution idea came out when doing competitive programming problems. After that, I had my dinner and at night I did my laundry.

On Sunday, I went to Buddhist Fellowship with Dian, Marshall, Benny, Andy, and Stephen. The talk was about research on kids about how meditation can help them rest their mind. After that, we went to have lunch at Sushi Express around City Hall area. It was revolving sushi restaurant in which a plate costs $1.5 and I had 8 of them. It was very nice :) Going back, I had a rest and joined Google Code Jam Round 1C which I tried really hard but did not pass as I had large penalty and later I found out that my A-large solution was wrong :( After that I had Skype call with my best friend Leonard talking about all kinds of stuffs. I didn’t realize time passed so quickly that the call duration was 2 hours.

It was the end of my semester 4. Time passed so quickly and I was already halfway to my degree.

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