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This is one of the night that I went high and sang along and danced and jumped around while recording the whole session for my personal collection. The concert was supported by The Ruse as its opening act and I felt that it took too much of Muse’s showtime. Maybe because the break between the two was quite long. Anyway, the audience did a crowd wave to cheer. Muse actually started playing only around 9 pm and it was really amazing. It started with [Drill Sergeant] + Psycho and continued with Reapers. It made the atmosphere quite high. And even higher next with Plug in Baby. Resistance was next and then they went less vocal with The 2nd Law: Unsustainable and D&B Solo. Continued with Dead Inside & Hysteria, we went higher again. They also went slower with Citizen Erased and Feeling Good. (in which at the time I’m not familiar and hence was quiet and just listened & watched around). I went high again with Madness and Supermassive Black Hole. Time Is Running Out was next and they stopped playing for a while, probably the break for encore (but since it was already really late, I think they just went to the encore part very quickly). Started with Starlight, I was amazed with the audience clapping to the beats, all really synchronized. Uprising was really nice with all those big black balloons filled with confetti. The show ended with Knights of Cynodia which we all sang along during the vocal parts.

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