Solar Eclipse of 8 March 2016

8 March 2016

Today, I woke up at 7 am intending to see something special. It was a solar eclipse. But something happened. Since it was too early, I decided to sleep for some more time. But I overslept, and yet I saw it in my dream, an epic one.

Basically, I “woke up” during my dream to some bunch of people hiding in my place since they wanted to surprise my neighbor. After the surprise, the eclipse occurred. The bright blue sky suddenly turned to a very deep blue night-like sky. I saw the moon, a full moon in its brightest form. (very odd, since it should be shadowing the sun, not emitting light) And after that, some people projected advertisements to the sky. The notable one was a tribute to David Bowie, projected to the moon itself. Of course I took a lot of pictures of the moment, and since I shouldn’t look at the sun directly, I covered my eyes with my phone while the phone was taking shots of the eclipse. After it ended, people celebrated with shooting confetti and stuffs. It was so bizarre. The dream did not end here, but the rest was irrelevant to eclipse.

And when I really woke up, I realized that I overslept. I rushed to my computer to check what time does the eclipse visible in Singapore. The maximum was actually a partial eclipse with its maximum on 08:23. Wow, and it was 08:21. I rushed outside but I couldn’t see any sun since it was blocked by the tall blocks of Crescent/Pioneer Hall, so I went to the seventh floor (or as the lift says, “the seft floor” :P ). Well, the sun was there but the sky was quite cloudy. Sometimes it was really bright, yet I couldn’t stand it looking directly (and it was dangerous too). So I applied a neat trick from my dream, looking through my phone. Even with the lowest brightness settings, the sun still overpowered, and the sun is not visible, only bright lights. Luckily there was a window near there, and the clouds were also filtering the sun. So sometimes the contour of the sun was visible, but the moon isn’t. I waited for another few minutes and took some pictures, and I left.

See the tiny dot in the middle? I think it was the sun.
See the tiny dot in the middle? I think it was the sun.

In conclusion, I did not see any solar eclipse when I’m awake. But I saw a bizarre one in my dream.


Update at around 9 am: And something is really embarrassing: I just realized that today is 8 March 2016, and the eclipse will be tomorrow -_-

Well, “Everything’s you want is a dream away”

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