The Tale of Night Cycling

5 March 2016

So, it was one of NTUBS Fellowship team’s initiative to do a night cycling starting on the night of 4 March 2016 till early morning of 5 March 2016. Nice experience, but cycling aside, I think that it gave us opportunity to see what Singapore at midnight looks like.

It started with gathering at LWN Library Bus Stop, we took 179 to Boon Lay and then MRT to Eunos. There we changed to 55 and then walked to ECP. By the time we arrived at ECP, the light shower has already stopped. I think it was midnight that we started to cycle, since renting for 11 bikes need some time for them to set up the bikes.

First we cycled all the way to the end of ECP, to Marina Barrage, to Gardens by the Bay, and then to Suntec City, and finally a “dangerous” route to Swee Choon. It took ~2 hrs to arrive at Swee Choon and lots of time we were waiting one another since some are faster and some are slower. At Swee Choon, as always, I ordered Jasmine Tea [well, this is my second time at Swee Choon, and so far I always ordered it], this time is also to conquer the drowsiness.

The route back to ECP is slower since some of us were now terrified to cycle in the road. :P (Winnie, I’m looking at you) We stopped for a while at under the bridge near MBS, and some of us played pianos (while me disturbing them). We finished our journey back to ECP and then played some board games (that we rented for quite a price ._.). By the way, at the journey back to ECP, me, Xiao Hui, Erik, and Handoko, for a while, were chased by two barking dogs. Quite scary, but my reflects were just to cycle faster and ran away :P

In the end, what really nice was the dawn and the sunrise. We sat at the beach, and then gazed the sky: we saw the moon, a bright “star” in the east, and two dimmer “stars” in the south. Well, one of them should be a planet, right?

At 7 am, our chartered van came and picked us up to NTU, and by the time I was inside the van, I’m already fully awake, maybe I was so sleepy that I didn’t feel sleepy anymore.

Around 8 am, I decided to force myself to sleep. I slept till 12, and had lunch. The sleep was not really nice as I felt uncomfortable all the time, and by the time I woke up, it was so humid and hot (since I closed the windows and the shades) that I woke up.

So far, it was a nice experience doing this, but I would not prefer doing it much since it was unhealthy. And I don’t like sleepless night and only sleep in the morning.

Some observations:

  • Around Marina Bay area, there are some driving sport cars around
  • Supper at Swee Choon is still quite crowded, even at 2 am.
  • There are a lot of taxis, around Bugis area, most of them are empty
  • There are homeless people who sleep at street and parks.
  • There are people fishing at ECP beaches.
  • At dawn, some people started to jog around ECP, and did some aerobics.


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