13 May 2016

Wow, it’s been quite long since the last time I updated my blog, so there are several notable points that happened since mid-March:

  • I finished the group projects of CZ4034 Information Retreival quite on time (after numerous long-meetings), CZ4041 Machine Learning quite on deadline, and CZ4046 Intelligent Agents quite well.
  • My group presented in HW0310 Professional Communication, and I was delighted to see a quite positive feedback from the tutor.
  • I submitted CE2004 Circuits and Signal Analysis lab reports, and received back the first one, with quite below average feedback.
  • I went through CZ3007 Compiler Techniques labs and quiz; and surprisingly I got a very good grade in the quiz and labs.
  • I finished a freelance task on doing a website design; and is currently occupied in doing a CRM system.
  • I went through the exams
    • CE2004: very difficult and I went blank on two subquestions
    • CZ3007: very well
    • CZ4041: quite good
    • CZ4046: not that good, I was really unsure of a whole question
    • CZ4034: quite okay
  • I will have summer internship at Titansoft, starting next week.
  • I will be moving to another room at another block in the same hall around end of next week.
  • FYP: Not much progress, I read through a paper on Assumption-based Argumentation; and then I found another paper describing what I am supposed to do: Argumentation Graph & Assumption-based Argumentation. I just started to do the implementation and hopefully everything went well.
  • Wikimania: I received a Wikimania 2016 scholarship; and after numerous email exchanges with WMF PIC on visas to obtain the documents, I applied for Italian visa, and was approved a Schengen visa

That’s the TL;DR. I realized that there are a lot of details that I can write on, but most of them are still on draft and it hasn’t been completed yet.

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