October 2016

3 November 2016

Yet another October has passed. So what happened in October?

It started with NTUBS MR1 ending. Emotional yet frustrating too. Essentially I was happy and sad at the same time because my involvement with NTUBS has finally (really finally) ended. It was really tiring, considering that I had lots of due dates in October.

On a side note, I accepted the job offer at Garena.

I found out Hacktoberfest and submitted few pull requests on GitHub, mainly on Microsoft’s BotBuilder project, fixing typos on their documentation. Halfway through October, I completed the challenge (of submitting 4 PRs) and they were all accepted.

After a personal embargo on ice cream since end-July 2016, I finally lifted it up and started to eat ice cream again. Oh, by the way, my personal embargo on Canteen A’s mixed rice was ongoing since mid-2015.

I submitted CZ4042 project 1. This project is quite tiring as the work is quite tedious: finding best project configuration by trial and error (a.k.a. “experiment”). And worse of all, we need to also submit a report.

I submitted my FYP to my supervisor for comments. He printed it out, pointed numerous mistakes but essentially the heavy parts (middle sections) were left unchanged (or unread). After receiving these feedback, I started to fix and revise on my FYP report.

I celebrated my 21st birthday. More on this in another post.

I built c4bot, after tired of writing FYP report. Deploying it on Azure, and the most frustrating part was to make sure its dependency (node-canvas) worked correctly. I also had to spend several days on getting the bot approved on Facebook Messenger.

By the way, I printed two copies of my FYP report, which drained my ez-link credits, and I submitted it to my supersivor & examiner.

I replied to my hall office about my final day of hall stay.

I completed CZ4073 Assignment 2. It was basically cleaning up a small stock price dataset (using means stated by the prof) and then build a decision tree model, and tune the parameters. Results wasn’t that good (around 30% accuracy !?) but I don’t care cause I will opt for “S/U” for this course. Hahaha

I presented in CZ4032 group project. Our group presented on music rating prediction which resulted in considerably decent result. A lot of meetings were carried out, maybe way too many meetings, for a so-so results.

To end October, I attended Geekcamp.sg 2016, where I during the breakfast period, I talked to a very senior software developer who gave me quite number of advice regarding career. Generally, the event itself was nice and not nice. Since it only has a single track, I would also need to go through talks that were uninteresting to me, like the one talking about using cardboard to communicate with satellites (which he talked a lot of other stuffs, yet he hasn’t finished this project). Some interesting stuffs include: Rust! GraphQL! Kubernetes! Hopefully I could explore more about these technologies later on.




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