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26 September 2017

It’s been very long since I wrote a blog post. I think it’s now the writer’s block hitting me whenever I wanna write a blog post. Anyway, for personal stuffs, I still write posts but kept it private since it contains sensitive information about my daily work.

Anyway, just to update, I’m still here. I’ve worked for 7 months now at Shopee, an e-commerce platform at SEA + TW, and below are my highlights of the month:

  • February: started working at Shopee
  • March: bought a new phone because my beloved Nokia Lumia 1020 had a sudden death
  • April: #ColdplaySingapore concert
  • May: Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert
  • June: Started playing and finished KH games (KH 358/2 Days and KH BBS)
  • July: Office moved to a new place; the 4-month old Shopee on mobile browser rewrite project got released (so if you visit Shopee from mobile browser, you’ll see the platform that I contributed to)
  • August: One-Page Checkout feature got released to TW (it was also my first time having to OT to catch with deadlines)
  • September: Had my first #Shopee99 work, slept overnight at office, but nothing much happened during the day

I guess the past 3 months had been quite busy for me and I didn’t really have time to do other stuffs.

I have gone through two “quarterly review” talks with my managers, and I still have no idea what to do with the rest of my life. Even not really sure where I wanna be in the next year or two. I guess, it’s just me, being indecisive.

Anyway, in the past few weeks, I’ve started to listen to podcast when commuting to/from work. I enjoyed Greg James’s That’s What He Said podcast the most. It is mostly a collection of his weekday radio show into a podcast form. Well, I actually enjoyed his weekday show but couldn’t really listen to live due to his show playing during midnight at my timezone. So yeah, few weeks ago I started to listen to his weekly podcast and it was truly entertaining so I could have a better mood when commuting to/from work (as a distraction from SMRT train faults)

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