This is not a thought

18 March 2018

Zen, isn’t it?

Recently, I have some encounters of this zen topics: on YouTube video, on a Geekcamp 2017 talk, and on a podcast.

Kurzgesagt: Emergence

The YouTube video that I encounter was a video by Kurzgesagt on the topic of emergence. It talks about when a living being is by itself, it is pretty stupid, but when it become collective, intelligence emerged.

  • There is no wet, but collectively, there is wetness.
  • There is no city, but collectively, there is a city.
  • There is no society, but collectively, there is a society.

Geekcamp: meta-circular programming language interpreter.

What if we make a programming language interpreter, using the programming language itself, and later use this interpreter to interpret it’s own source code. This is what is meant by meta-circular.

There is no program, the source code is representation of the program.

Similarly, there is no interpreter, the source code is representation of interpreter. Hence, if a source code of an interpreter of a language is written on the language itself, theoretically, it should be able to interpret itself, right?

Podcast. Radiotopia Showcase: Ways of Hearing.

The podcast series is about analog and digital recording.

Digital audio is for machine. Song recorded using analog recorder could have a faster beat around chorus. Digital made it even and regular, made the beats tied to a clock.

A record is a performance of the song at that time of recording. This means that there is no song, there is a representation of a song.

This is not a thought. This is a representation of a thought itself.


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