Coldplay at Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Such a short performance (~13 minutes), and yet ~4 minutes are “stolen” by Beyonce & Bruno Mars. Initially, I don’t really like it when they cut short the songs and skipping here & there. But after the show was given back to Coldplay in the end, I really love it, starting at around minute 10 they performed Clocks which transitioned into Fix You, and while on Fix You’s riff, they sang Up&Up chorus. This was really amazing. And it all ended with a grand “just believe in love”. :o :o :o

Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love

Actually it was released last year. This song ever topped the UK Singles Chart and I love this song. This song is simple but so powerful.

Recently her songs “Panic Cord” and “Please Don’t Say You Love Me” got into UK Singles Chart Top-40 and her album “English Rain” entered the chart on #2. Because of that I started to search her songs and listen. She can be compared to Emeli Sande which songs I like too.

The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul
Flame on burn desire
Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul
Make love your goal

Google Zeitgeist 2012

This video show us what had happened in 2012. For me, many things have happened in 2012: success and also failures. Anyway, this video ranges from London 2012, James Cameron, Felix Baumgartner, US Election, Euro 2012, independence of Southern Sudan, Gangnam Style video, final Space Shuttle program (STS-135), death of Neil Armstrong, Whitney Houston, until the recent Hurricane Sandy.

The Drama

Our drama which is recorded using a phone camera by Nicholas is now uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy it!

Our drama get the sixth turn to perform. Some of the audience cry when we perform. Even the teacher which is the jury almost cry. Our drama is the saddest because the other group’s drama are all in comedy genre.

Sarah – Vicky Valeriana
Doctor – Jensen
Rosy (sister) – Roselyn Avrillia
Brother – Leonard
Father – Kenrick
Friend 1 – Golfin Ekatria
Friend 2 – Edward Reginald
“the voice” – Jessica Limantara

Leonard/Jessica Limantara

Leonard/Jessica Limantara

Jessica Limantara

Music and sound effect