19 July 2013

This week, I’ve been focusing to work on codes at LM2, which is now at beta! yeah! It is now available at Currently, it can operate well and do its basic function: sharing ideas in competitive programming problems. The only thing that is not working yet is the point system (and maybe the forgot password thing, I have no idea why)

I did this project because I find it difficult for peoples to share their own problems at online judge. Now, everyone can share it, but I’m afraid that it will full of spam, so I make it available for people who requested the rights.

Today, I state that this project has come to another hiatus. I’ll be moving on to another independent project that may make me gain more knowledge to build LM2 project better. Although in hiatus, it may be updated if there were bug reports or I am in mood to continue the project.

I’m thinking of doing an extension at MediaWiki software that utilizes ideone API and did the functionalities of submitting & grading answers. Let’s see if I can make it.

Project: Revealed

Like our class monitor has announced, today, is the day where the project which I did since 12 December is released. Okay, the project is our class website. It is accessible at I thought I could release it by the semester exam, but I were so busy that I was postponed until the exam, i.e. I got more free-time on examination. It is intended for us to access resources from our Dropbox account via the website, because sharing links in Dropbox is too mainstream complicated.

Actually, this project is using most of the unreleased 2nd version of Lihat Masalah’s site-design and site-interface. Also combined with the first version of Lihat Masalah’s database. This project includes a new feature besides direct access to Dropbox: posting news and announcements. This project also uses the latest version of CKEditor: the 4th version. Lihat masalah has been using the 3rd version all the time. There is news sharing feature that utilize Facebook API, Twitter API, and Google+ API. There is one more to add: API. Woah, this is the first time I use API that much.

I revealed this website to Leonard on 23 December and he approved it. I was so happy to receive that news that I could not stop smiling. From that date, I worked more and more seriously on this project.

Today soon after the website was announced, there were bugs here and there, but they were resolved quickly. This website received positive reactions from ANT-ers.

I intend to post each profile of ANT member, so after we graduated, we still can access this website and find others’ profiles. I hope this project will be the basis of the 2nd version of Lihat Masalah, which I hope [again] can host a programming competition.

Visit ANT’s website at


It’s a secret. I’m working on a secret project. It is a website, initially intended to be an update to the “Lihat Masalah” project, but I removed and changed and added some elements so that the project could fit what the purpose of the project.

Actually, I’m now stuck. I wanted to add Dropbox integration to the website using Dropbox’s REST API, but I’m having trouble in implementing it. Maybe because it is too deep in detail. Well, the first time I read PHP manual, I was also confused, but when I have developed some PHP page, I’m used to it. End of technical story.

My target for the release of this project is on the end of 2012 (31 December, not 21 December, haha). I hope I could done that in time as now I have exams on school. I will also spending my time on the intensive tuition that will be held on the last week of 2012. No holiday for this end of year :'( . These tuitions are for preparation of NTU and NUS Entrance Examination that will be held mid-January and early-February next year.

Also, I think I will reintegrate this project with “Lihat Masalah” project, maybe after High School National Examination, where we weren’t at school (primary and secondary education) any more; and we will have a forever holiday (if we don’t enrol in tertiary education, :) )

Some little tool called ‘time’

Time is a tool for showing current time. The main codes for showing the time are modified from those at The page refreshes every time the minute clock shows multiple of 10. (Roughly every 10 minutes) I love to use this tool because the font size is as big as my monitor. This is a tool for me to keep watching the time while I am doing my homework. The idea for this tool comes out when I just begin to do my mathematics homework. Because of this, the homework was delayed but hopefully I have finished that homework yesterday. Actually it doesn’t really a big invention but I think it’s worth trying to publish something tiny.