19 April 2019

Nikku is my latest side project that I’ve been working on since early April 2019. It is a BRSTM player on the web.

Installing SSL Certificates to Hostinger cpanel: Automation Userscript

IMPORTANT NOTE (2020-03-31): Hostinger cpanel’s UI has changed and this script is no longer working. I do not plan to update this script anymore.

30 June 2017

When something could be automated, it will be automated!

After successfully issuing SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt at Hostinger shared hosting account (steps here), I need to manually install them at Hostinger’s cpanel. …

Enabling free SSL on Hostinger shared hosting

Update 2023-09: It seems like Hostinger has rolled out free Let’s Encrypt SSL for all customers, even for the most basic hosting plan. This post was originally written in 2016 and kept as archive.

28 July 2016

When there is a will, there is a way!

Free SSL certificates, issued by Let’s Encrypt, have been around for quite a while. Enabling it on a shared hosting is an issue, since users cannot execute any executables (or very limited set of commands) on it.

I’ve been using premium shared hosting service from Hostinger Indonesia for few years now to host my personal website ( Here are the steps required to enable Let’s Encrypt SSL on Hostinger shared hosting.

c4 – Connect Four Hits the Store!

7 June 2015

It has been a week since my game called c4 – Connect Four, with AI hit the Windows Store. Because the process of converting the current webapp to Windows Store app was so simple, I decided to write about it.

How did I do it? I think it has three main parts:

  1. Convert current webapp into Windows Store app
  2. Add icons and images
  3. Submit & publish and finally wait.