Week 10, Semester 2

30 March 2014

This week has been an eventful week. Starting from a group project presentation, joined the exhibitions, first time donating blood, meditation class, first aid workshop, and attending a far Sunday Service. …

Week 9, Semester 2

23 March 2014

This week is filled up with many activities, most of the day I went back late at night, and it was tiring. I’ve started to have less than 8 hour sleep, which turned out not so good for me. …

Week 8, Semester 2

16 March 2014

This week was a not-so-relaxing-yet-not-that-busy week, packed with 3 quizzes, and some interesting events such as “Celebrate NTU” and “Dharma Circle”. Near end of week, I was offered a project. And at the end of the week, I got a free distribution book which got autographed by its author :) …