NTUBS Secret Project

Holiday (2)

25 May 2014

This week was much eventful and pretty packed. The week started with boot camp, continued with preparation for Awaken Challenge trial quiz, and ended with a NTUBS “secret” project meeting. …

Week 9, Semester 2

23 March 2014

This week is filled up with many activities, most of the day I went back late at night, and it was tiring. I’ve started to have less than 8 hour sleep, which turned out not so good for me. …

“Recess week”, Semester 2

9 March 2014

Although this week was supposed to be a recess week for everyone in NTU, I felt this recess week is not that relaxing compared to the previous semester’s recess week. This week, my spending on recess week can be said very high as many times I went out of NTU and had lunch or dinner there before going back. …