Holiday (2) + Bootcamp

25 May 2014

This week was much eventful and pretty packed. The week started with boot camp, continued with preparation for Awaken Challenge trial quiz, and ended with a NTUBS “secret” project meeting.

On Monday until Thursday, I joined the HTML5 Game Development Boot Camp, held by NTU Ventures (or now they called themselves NTUitive). It was a four-day full-day workshop with speakers teaching on how to develop HTML5 games. I joined a similar boot camp back on December 2013 and found out that this one’s content was 60-70% new to me :) I found that this camp was more focused on developing games. Well, in the four-day boot camp, we’ve made four games (or three, because the last one was just an improvement of the 3rd one).

On Tuesday night, I went out to Jurong Point, hoping to find Ghost Stories, but no luck, I asked the customer service to find that they did not have Music CD Store. Okay ._. Primary objective failed. I came back just to achieve my secondary objective: to restock the food supply in my room.

On Wednesday night, I went to CNS 2014 3rd GM where I was quite unprepared. The meeting itself was not as long as the 2nd GM as most of the reports were revising plans.

On Thursday night, I was tired and still preparing myself for Awaken Challenge trial quiz on Saturday night. Starting on Friday, the days was quite relaxed, but I haven’t finished reading! Most of the times were just spent on finishing Buddhism for Beginners. At the night, I’ve started reading the 2nd book, The Purpose of Life. Until the trial quiz on Saturday night, what I’ve read was ~90% of Buddhism for Beginners and ~20% of The Purpose of Life. At the quiz itself, I can say I did not so well as the results were just little above those who even never prepared for the quiz. I do need to learn more, and most importantly, not forgetting what I’ve read.

On Sunday, I got this NTUBS “Secret” Project meeting. Well, the “secret” has gone become “common secret” in NTUBS committees. And it lasts from 10am until 6pm! In this meeting, I think most times were spent on thinking what to do and how to do rather than doing it. And yet, there were still some parts which haven’t been done. May this project done quickly and perfectly :)

The best thing of this week was: Coldplay! I’ve listened to their album and it was superb! With just 9 tracks, I think the album was just too short. Besides that, I think that the story that was brought up in Ghost Stories was all about love and life, where the “love stories” burdens the life like a ghost.

Next week, I think that I’ll have a lot of free times, which I intend to spend on reading, tidying my stuffs, and entertainment. Oh, and I may be moving my blog to my personal website. Wait for it! :)

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