How I Met Your CNS 2016 Camp Master

14 August 2016

Today, marked the end of another CNS, Camp Nirvana Singapore, a Buddhist camp from NTUBS targeted to people new with NTUBS. This most likely be the my last CNS. But this is not the story about CNS 2016.┬áThis is the story of how I your camp master encountered CNS and how I met your camp master. Continue reading “How I Met Your CNS 2016 Camp Master”

Week 4, Semester 4: Busy weekend

10 February 2015

Phew, at last I got decent time for writing. The weekend has been spent fully on other issues (like very serious issue on copyright violation by Indonesian Wikipedia where I run my bot for more than 24 hours and generated like 47k edits, that’s more than twice my edit count since my registration in 2009 :P ) The week has been well spent for lots of stuffs like NTUBS CNS Recruitment, experimenting with Gerrit, starting a new side-project, and group project meetings. Continue reading “Week 4, Semester 4: Busy weekend”

2014 in review

30 December 2014

Finally, the final post in 2014. This post is to review what’s going on during the whole year. Continue reading “2014 in review”

Week 7 + Recess Week, Semester 3

5 October 2014

Whew, lately I’ve been so busy again, especially during the Recess Week, and hence I rarely had time to write my blog. Nevertheless, I did a lot of things in these two weeks, from having my Surface back, finishing Techcomm experiment, joining NTUC Income Race On 2014, being in “LSC” at NTUBS MR, until doing Spring Cleaning. Continue reading “Week 7 + Recess Week, Semester 3”

Week 4 and 5, Semester 3

16 September 2014

Recently, I’ve experienced a hard time to write since I was quite busy, even sacrificing sleep time for doing stuffs. These two weeks had been a very busy and tiring one, and luckily I managed to find time to write it down. Continue reading “Week 4 and 5, Semester 3”