Week 1, Semester 3

18 August 2014

The week is a tiring and eventful one. It is the NTUSU Welcome Week, followed with NTUBS Welcome Tea and then Subcom Appreciation Dinner.

On Monday, it was a holiday and hence I woke up quite late, around 11! After that I went to NYH Function Room, having a NTUBS Welcome Week and Welcome Tea briefing and then packing up the goodie bags.

On Tuesday, I had the first lecture of the semester early in the morning and then late at the afternoon, which between the lectures we actually played some games at UROC. After lectures, I and some others went to Hall 6 helping out Ivan moving stuffs, especially the goodie bags, to NBS since the welcome week will be held at South Spine and NTUBS had a “store-room”, provided by Prof Tan, the staff advisor.

On Wednesday, it’s the first day of NTUSU Welcome Week! I went to NTUBS booth early in the morning, helping them for setting up the booth, after that I found out that the volunteers there were somehow too many and some of us went browsing the booths around. At 12, I went to work part-time at One Stop @ SAC where the work is tiring as in the period, there were a lot of people there. After the work, I rushed back to NTUBS booth and find out that their closing team has finished the work.

On Thursday, I had an early lecture at 0830 which I find quite hard to focus since I’m quite sleepy. After the class, I went to NTUBS booth, again to find out that there were quite a lot of people there and, again, some of us went browsing the booths, and I actually queued up for NTUSU’s goodie bag and participated in their game on the stage.  Directly after I got a lot of goodie bag, I rushed to Business Law class where we need to take quite a lot of notes. After this, I went to NTUBS booth again, where I actually stand by the booth until closing at 5 pm. After dinner together at the newly renovated Canteen A, I left them and participated in playing snooker and then pool at SAC (just for having occupied until my part-time work shift). Then I worked at CITS at Learning Pod @ South Spine where it was so relaxing as there were very few people there and actually only 1 person asked about general stuffs.

On Friday, I had a series of lectures starting at 0830, again I’m quite sleepy. I can only focus for the first 2 lectures and for the 3rd lecture, I’m totally lost as the topic is not interesting and I’m quite tired. I then went to NTUBS booth again and this time I went browsing for the booths for claiming a Welcome Week T-Shirt. After lunch, I went to NTUBS booth and stayed there until the closing at 3pm. This time, I had to go to NYH with Handoko and Harri, while the rest move stuffs from the booth and store-room to Hall 12 Function Room. Arriving at Hall 12 Function Room, it’s time for setting up everything for NTUBS Welcome Tea. And I had to skip my 1530-1630 lecture just for this. Although I think we had quite a lot of time for setting up, but no, some participants came quite early and we had to rush to finish the setting up. The most suay moment was when the projector somehow died out, like in the CNS Day 0, just right when we had dinner. I’m confused and dunno what to do. After leaving out for quite a while, the projector seemed to be working again, but we did not dare to move it anymore since everyone suspects the cables to be the problem. In the welcome tea itself, the event went quite well and ended up nicely with Chun Wah’s birthday celebration after all the participants left. In the end, we left the function hall with the leftover goodie bags and other stuffs stored at some of the Main Committees’ room. Finally, my job as CNS 2014 Logistic Manager is finished, although it is tiring. :)

On Saturday, I woke up quite late and did some other stuffs until I went to Buddhist Fellowship at 2pm with Dhika for BF Youth Saturday Service, where we met Xiao Hui, ANU, and Pei Si. Here, the talk is about “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try” by Bro Yap Kheng Guan. He talked about diligent practice of Buddhism and shared his experience in facing the uncertainties of natural world. After that, we had a sutta discussion, which is an excerpt from AN 8.80, which discussed about the ground of laziness and how to arouse energy to diminish the laziness. We went back after the closing puja, and I had a dinner at Canteen 1 before going back to my room.

On Sunday, it is the 69th Anniversary of the Independence Day of Indonesia. I started the day with live-streaming of the state television (TVRI), watching the flag ceremony which is held at Istana Merdeka (Merdeka Palace), Jakarta. Like the years before, I had been watching this flag ceremony every Independence Day. Since OSN 2012, I had my view of this ceremony changed as this ceremony is marking the nationalistic aspect of each person, which means we should be proud and be serious in this ceremony since those country which isn’t sovereign can’t enjoy the bliss of being a peaceful nation. I then went for my hair being cut nearby before going for lunch together with friends at Canteen 4. Finally I ate at Canteen 4, after staying at Hall 4 for around 3 weeks. This unlocked the achievement of me having a meal at every canteen of NTU! :P After this I went back and doing PJJ stuffs (watching the progress of the online 1st OSN Try-Out at TOKI Learning Centre) until I watched Korra Book 3 Episode 11 before going to NTUBS Subcom Appreciation Dinner at NYH Function Room. At S.A.D., we had a steamboat dinner together, with song dedication, song performance, and ended with official dismissal.

That’s all for the week. It has been a tiring and eventful one. Next week NTUBS will have a recruitment drive which I intend to run for main committee. I hope that I’ll be good in the interview.

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