August 2016

1 September 2016

Ah, August, busy month.

August started with me going back to my hometown. After the tired of working in my summer holiday (after few weeks of work, I usually felt an urgent need of holiday), I decided to went back home for few days before the school starts. This is also partly due to my father sending vacation photos, making me missing home badly.

My flight home was at 1st August. I arrived at Medan airport (which location is around 30 km off Medan) around 3 pm. The way back home was still similar: dusty roads, unmaintained (read: natural) trees and grasses, unfinished (read: under construction) highways, and a lot of motorbikes everywhere. Arriving home, the environment has slightly changed.

For the next few days, my routine was quite diverse. The things that I did in these 9 days includes:

  • FYP: minor progress.
  • Pine A64: succesful setup to attempt connection to my Wi-Fi router on start-up.
  • PYP solutions for CZ4041, CZ4046, and CZ4034. Started initial writing for CZ4046 (3/4 questions), CZ4034 (few subquestions).
  • Playing game: TransOcean – The Shipping Company (which I bought during one of the Humble Bundles)
  • Download and watch some movies.
  • Read some mangas.

On 9 August, I went back to Singapore; the feeling of departure resembles the departure during 29 July 2013, where me and my other friends depart to Singapore to start our studies. The next time I’m back, I’ll have finished my studies. Arriving in Singapore, it felt different yet the same. I had few stuff to catch up on that day, including some CNS stuff at night (Elmer’s birthday, song trial, and gift making). I also stole some time to work on PYP solutions.

Here are the highlights of each days till end of August:

  • 10 August, I woke up early to start manning NTUBS booth at ECA Week. Left booth only to attend lectures. After that, went to LWN to work on FYP & PYP solutions. At night, went to Dian’s block to help on CNS stuff.
  • 11 August, again, mainly manning NTUBS booth at ECA week; left briefly to do FYP work. Now with extra work at the night for welcome tea.
  • 12 August, phew, skipping all classes, did some progress on PYP solution and FYP. Later that day, CNS started.
  • 13 August, a super long day for CNS: morning lectures at FGS, morning games and afternoon games, both at Pulau Ubin; and finally night games at Punggol Waterway.
  • 14 August, ending of CNS, visited Wat Palelai; did laundries, etc.
  • 15 August, meeting with NTUBS MC, for briefing regarding recruitment and also video recording for message at CAD.
  • 16 August, a CITS ITSA requested me to swap slots (Thu to Tue); I’m okay with it and started swapping that night.
  • 17 August, an unproductive day. First day of subcom recruitment. I helped interviewing for Resource team, but it was really uncrowded.
  • 18 August. Second day of subcom recruitment.
  • 19 August. Maincomm recruitment day.
  • 20 August. NTUBS MC meeting, discussing the interview results. Ended day with me joining Medan Gathering 2016; felt good to meet with people from my batch, some even have graduated.
  • 21 August. CNS final GM, stayed back at NYH to write FYP interim reports, CAD at night.
  • 22 August. Finally, a break. Sent report to FYP supervisor; later that day got a disappointing reply, where they seemed to have much higher expectation of my report than what I’ve reported so far.
  • 23 August. Swimming. Rally workshop. Applied to many companies.
  • 24 August. First time attending the night lecture of CZ4032. It was a 3-hour torture. Topics are not much, but lecturer kept “dragging” to fill the 2-hour lecture, and ended with 1-hour tutorial.
  • 25 August. Swimming again.
  • 26 August. Joined Google recruitment talk. NTUBS AGM, officially done with my term.
  • 27 August. Pass down to Marshall. Did the online assessments for KPMG and pwc. Some of them are English test, logic test, IQ test, etc. I’m that interested to work there, but I applied just for their tests (to prepare for others :P ) At night, joined NTUBS 32nd MC dinner and after-dinner, and then lost at Singapore Night Festival.
  • 28 August. Nothing much. Google APAC test round B. Overthinked on problem A, continued to B-small, then realized that A-small and A-large are easy; then went to solve C-small.
  • 29 August. “Camped” all day at LWN Library, doing stuff. Attended CZ4073 lecture for the first time. Attended NatGeo Live! talk by Albert Lin, quite inspiring at the end.
  • 30 August. Interviewed at AFT. Rushed back to catch CITS part-time.
  • 31 August. “Camped” all day at LWN Library. Attended CZ4042 lecture, Garena recruitment talk, and had their refreshments and skipped dinner; and went to the 3-hour torture on CZ4032, in which that day’s topic are covered in both CZ4041 and CZ4034 in more depth.

Ok, done and out.

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