National Geographic

Week 8, Semester 3

14 October 2014

It was week 8 of the semester, which started peacefully and the workload increases again. It is packed with a holiday, my birthday, NTUBS stuffs (Dharma Camp and Committee Day), and ICPC training. …


27 August 2013

Everyone is born with exploration instinct of which we, humans, must be proud of. According to National Geographic magazine issue January 2013, there is a reason why we, humans, do explorations all the time everywhere: to the highest peaks, to the deepest sea, to outer space, to wildest rainforest, to hot volcano, even in the labs: to explore the unknowns. It is because a specific gene which is embedded in every human makes us having the exploration instinct. Ever since I arrived in NTU, I used my instinct in exploration quite often and I like to challenge myself in explore the path that I’ve never gone through, to test if it is the shortest path to my destination. There are still a lot of places which are unexplored by me although they are in the NTU Campus Map.

Getting lost is common, but finding your way out yourself will make you feel very awesome. This is because we also like challenge and when we accomplished the challenge ourselves, we feel like we are victorious, and hence we feel very great. If you get lost and not in rush, the first thing you should do is to get directions. There are many ways, but in this modern era, you can use GPS of your mobile phone. Then, you should go straight to the direction of your destination, crossing the buildings, the fields, and the uncrossables. Finally, if you get to the destination, be feel great, if not, backtracking is the easiest way.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore!

National Geographic

Early in this month, I and my friends went out to Sun Plaza. I intended to buy this month issue of Reader’s Digest, but it was not yet available. I spotted a National Geographic issue for this month with a very interesting topic: Exploration; and a interesting question: Why we explore.

Out of 7 topic offered, I’ve just finished reading 4 of them:

  • “World of Explorers”: this topic is full of colourful pictures: high mountain, deep sea, volcanic crater, outer-space, and rain-forest.
  • “Restless Genes”: discusses the gene that make our ancestors to explore the world, and subsequently the outer-space.
  • “Risk Takers”: contains profiles of risk takers: war-doctors, snake venom searcher, ice investigator, etc.
  • “Crazy Far”: explains why we explore the space, including future plans of space exploration.

For me, those articles are harder to understand compared to articles in Reader’s Digest. Maybe the consumer target for this magazine isn’t teenager like me. But I will read it.

5 January 2013

5 January 2013

My day was started on 8:20. After cleaning myself, I got a missed-call from Leonard, so I called back, it was his problem: mistook a subject which require chemistry on entrance exam, well, I answered well what he asked. I had my breakfast on 9.30 and my shower on 10. Golfin came around 10.35 and we went to Sun Plaza after picking up Leonard.

We were the first to come. Eventually, the others showed up one by one as we walked around the plaza: Lenny, Edward, Vicky, Roselyn.

We took our lunch at Sushi-tei. We ordered many variety of Japanese foods. For us, the soba (the cold noodle) was the worst one: it was tasteless.

After lunch, we went to Amazone. There we played many games, like air-hockey, and weight-pulling (this one we got high-score as we combined the power of 8 people, haha). Last but not least, we took photos at the photo-box provided by them.

We went around to look for a cafe to have drinks, and at last we decided to go to J.Co. There I left them a while to buy Coldplay’s newest live album titled “Live 2012”. For my drink, I had Chocholate Frappe.

After that, we went to Gramedia. Here, I looked for the newest Reader’s Digest but found none, as replacement, I bought my first English version of National Geographic magazine. Actually, my uncle have subscribed to National Geographic since 1980s but at 2010 he cancelled the subscription. At 2006-2007, he also subscribed National Geographic Indonesia for me, at first it was very interesting, but eventually, I got no time to read it.

Got home at 5 and went directly to Malibu’s home. Arrived at 6, we still went swimming. We had dinner at 7, and I went online after that.