27 August 2013

Everyone is born with exploration instinct of which we, humans, must be proud of. According to National Geographic magazine issue January 2013, there is a reason why we, humans, do explorations all the time everywhere: to the highest peaks, to the deepest sea, to outer space, to wildest rainforest, to hot volcano, even in the labs: to explore the unknowns. It is because a specific gene which is embedded in every human makes us having the exploration instinct. Ever since I arrived in NTU, I used my instinct in exploration quite often and I like to challenge myself in explore the path that I’ve never gone through, to test if it is the shortest path to my destination. There are still a lot of places which are unexplored by me although they are in the NTU Campus Map.

Getting lost is common, but finding your way out yourself will make you feel very awesome. This is because we also like challenge and when we accomplished the challenge ourselves, we feel like we are victorious, and hence we feel very great. If you get lost and not in rush, the first thing you should do is to get directions. There are many ways, but in this modern era, you can use GPS of your mobile phone. Then, you should go straight to the direction of your destination, crossing the buildings, the fields, and the uncrossables. Finally, if you get to the destination, be feel great, if not, backtracking is the easiest way.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore!

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