Holiday (1)

19 May 2014

Well, after a long streak of posting a blog post every Sunday, it was broken as I watched movie yesterday instead of writing this. Last week was the first official vacation term of NTU Students. It was quite an eventful one.

On Monday, I continued playing Portal 2, then went to work part-time where in this slot is spent on playing games.

On Tuesday, it was Vesak Day at Singapore. To celebrate this, I joined NTUBS Temple Tour to Buddhist Fellowship, Poh Ming Tse, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, and Sri Lankaramayana.

Wednesday was mostly spent of various things, such as continuing ESaaS course on edx, reading books, and doing other unimportant things.

On Thursday, I went to Jurong Point to buy a new handphone, it was a Nokia Lumia 1020, replacing the current Nokia E72. After that I went back, charged the new phone the whole day, and went for part-time work. Too bad, I was scolded by the librarian as I allowed my friends to do discussion at my work desk. After being “lonely”, I continued reading book and playing games. Straight after my work and a dinner, I went to Hall 13 TV Lounge where a Dhamma discussion about spiritual friendship was held. Going back at my room, I migrated my data from E72 to Lumia 1020. The process was simple although took some time.

On Friday, continuing the migration, I downloaded some “essential” apps for this new phone. After setting up those apps, I went to part-time work (again). Well, I think I worked too much :P This time, I continued reading books and playing games. Too bad, I’ve reached the last page of the list of game website. On the night, I continued playing Portal 2. It was getting more and more intense. I think it has better and longer story compared to Portal.

On Saturday, I went to Foo Hai Chan Monastery (between Aljunied and Paya Lebar MRT Station) with other CNS Committees for a site visit. Well, the main shrine of the temple was quite modern. Too bad the venerable mostly explained in Chinese, hence I can’t understand most of the words. After a lunch, I, Dhika, Sanryani, and Chun Wah left them, whom are continuing to Aloha Loyang for visiting the chalet. I and Dhika went to JP and when Raymond came, we went to Buddhist Fellowship, attending the Buddhist Fellowship Youth service. The service consists of 30-minute self meditation, opening chanting, Dhamma talk, Sutta discussion, and then closing chanting.

On Sunday, I continued my competitive programming progress on TOKI Learning Centre until around 3pm. Well, I was amazed on how I lost track of time in this “coding session”. It was long since this “lost track of time” event occurred. After that I went for a nap before playing Portal 2. Ending the day, I watched The Croods, which depicted the journey of an ancient cavemen family meeting a more modern men whom transformed them into more modern thinking. Well, after that I went to sleep because I’ve been too sleepy already.

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