Good bye Symbian, hello Windows Phone

19 May 2014.

On 15 May 2014, I bought a new phone, Nokia Lumia 1020, replacing the current Nokia E72.

Well, the current phone (E72) still works nicely. This phone runs on Symbian s60v3 OS which works nicely. What I think I need from a handphone are fulfilled here:

  • clock (I don’t have and don’t like wearing watch),
  • alarm clock (essential to keep me wake up on time at the mornings, everyday),
  • WhatsApp (the de facto instant messenger of every phones),
  • call+SMS (well, the need of this essential feature has been decreasing as IMs replaced this),
  • (decent) camera,
  • calendar,
  • browser,
  • calculator, and
  • dictionary.

On the week before exam, the thought of buying a new phone surfaced because I noticed that my current phone’s camera has a “black” spot, which for some images can be easily remove with Photoshop; and sometimes the camera apps “hang” which results in temporary disability on taking photo. Next, the WhatsApp apps lagged and consumed a lot of internal memory, where if WhatsApp is running, Foursquare or Maps can’t be started. Finally there were no more updates for this phone, the last phone software update was on 2012, and the Nokia Store was “frozen” (no more new apps, nor updates through the store) since 1 January 2014.

After some comparisons of phones, I intended to buy Nokia Lumia 525, but after receiving suggestions from Alwyn, I also considered Lumia 1320. Well, after reading some reviews, I decided to buy a Lumia 1320. And hence I discussed with my family, who suggests me to choose Android phones like Galaxy S5 or Note 3. Well, my concern here it that I already own a Windows laptop and a Windows tablet. It will be very great if a phone complements them, which I think a Windows Phone phone is just nice.

Thursday morning, I went to Jurong Point, where I found a shore selling phones, but after seeing the physical demo phone at the shop, well, I think 6″ was just too large! Considering that I owned a 10″ tablet, Besides that, it was more expensive than my online search the other day. Seeing Lumia 1020 priced lower than my search, my intention turned to this phone. After some thinking (of less than 5 minutes I guess), I approached the salesperson and she explained that on current week the have promotion of giving $100 for buying games & apps on Windows Phone. (well I don’t consider this seriously as I survived Windows RT just on free apps from Windows Store) Then, the transaction occurred. I purchased the Nokia Lumia 1020.

The salesperson directly put my SIM card there but later I put it back on my E72 because I still need to set up Lumia 1020 before it can accompany me. When I reached my room, I put this phone on charge (as told by the salesperson) whilst I still continue using my E72 for the day. At night, when I reached my room, I started the data migration process, which was simple and smooth.

On Friday, continuing the migration, I downloaded some “essential” apps for this new phone, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, and other Nokia apps. After finishing this process, I finally moved the SIM card from E72 to Lumia 1020. Hence completing the migration process.

Thank you for accompanying me, Nokia E72, from 3 October 2010 until 15 May 2014 which is 3 years 7 months and 12 days; or 1320 days. This is the longest period of me holding a model of a phone. My previous phone model, which is a Nokia 2310, was held from 26 August 2007 until 3 October 2010, which is 3 years 1 month and 7 days; or 1134 days. I hope that this new phone can accompany me for around 3-4 years. Good bye Symbian, hello Windows Phone. :)

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