Holiday (1)

16 December 2014

My first week of holiday has been spent on attending Web Science and Data Analytic Summer School 2014 at NUS School of Computing. Hence, I need to wake up very early in the morning, just to make it on time. And this week ended with me going back to my hometown. …

2013 in Review

31 December 2013

Many things happened in 2013, just like in 2012. The following lists what have happened to me in 2013:

Here comes the end of 2013, happy new year 2014. This blog is never been this crowded before. Thank you for being an audience of my stories. May the blog be filled with more posts in terms of quantity and quality.

P.S. see my year in review from Facebook.


Last Saturday and Sunday I had my NUS UEE at Grand Aston Hotel.

On Saturday, I had Physics at 9-11 am and then Chemistry at 12-2 pm. I think that Chemistry paper is easier than Physics, but I find out that the number my mistakes are almost same. Physics in my opinion are harder as I forgot to wear my jacket, I brought along, but I didn’t wear it. I was freezing like crazy in the end of the Physics paper. Also, I wrongly answered many of the questions (50 MCQs).

Unlike previous year’s paper, Chemistry now consists of 20 MCQs, and 3 essays which they require us to attempt all questions; previous ones were 20 MCQs and 5 essays which they require us to attempt 3 of them. Well, good news is the hydrocarbon-related question was not complicated. But, I think I messed up in MCQs.

The next day, I had English at 9-11.30 am and then Maths at 1-3pm. I’m most worried on English paper section A, which is MCQs, I’m afraid that I make very many mistakes here. For the section B, writing essay, I’m not that worried because I’m used to write blogs :) The task was to write convincing essay that support or reject the idea of government suggesting people to stay in rural areas and small towns rather than in major cities. It was a 500-word task, I wrote in about 540 words, hmmm about 8% more than required.

For mathematics paper, I’m the most confident, when the exam starts, I quickly do “brute-force” on the 1st question: inserting a number to check if the equation in the question is the same as the equation in the choices. My MCQs (Section A) went quickly done, in around 25 minutes. I’m relieved for a while before continuing in Section B. I read all the questions, and then identify their solutions: I’m just confident on the 1st question of Pure Maths section (integration; 21). I skipped Particle Mechanics when I found a difficult term. Also, in the Statistics and Probability section, we were not given a data table (normal distribution table), so I eliminated the questions which require us to use that data. Hopefully, the last 2 questions didn’t make use any of the data. No. 31 was just a simple statistics, and probability density function; no. 32 was binomial distributions (which could be calculated without data table); and simple inclusion-exclusion of probability. I’m now stuck, luckily I identified an easy question on Particle Mechanics: parabolic motion, yes, the whole question was just parabolic motion. (28) Hopefully, I finished doing all of them around 35 minutes before the end-time. I rechecked, and rechecked, and still found mistakes after the exam. Never mind, at least, I have rechecked. :)

This week, I will have NTU UEE at SMA St. Thomas. Saturday will be Maths and English; Sunday will be Physics and Chemistry. Wish me luck :)


The University Entrance Examination will be held soon! NUS UEE will be held on 26-27 January 2013 at Grand Aston Hotel, while NTU UEE will be held on 2-3 February 2013 at SMA St. Thomas. I’ve selected to join Physics and Chemistry paper besides the compulsory ones, Mathematics and English. I’ve been worrying about those all, what if I messed up, what if my time ran out, what if I didn’t finish them, what if I didn’t have any slightest idea to solve them. In the end, I’ll share the quote which is common to each TOKI members:

Good luck have fun!

Singapore (day 5)

10 July 2012

This was our last night on Singapore, also this day was our long-waited day: my brother’s commencement at NUS University Cultural Centre.

This day started late, we slowly cleaned ourselves and had breakfast in the hotel room: BreadTalk’s bread.

Around 10 am, we’ve arrived at ArtScience Museum, I and my sister entered the Harry Potter Exhibition and Andy Warhol Exhibition. First we got in to the Harry Potter’s one at B2 floor. A guide led us until the exhibition room; after that it was just a normal museum, they just exhibit the costumes, the properties, and the feelings in the film. We got out around 11 am; and directly went to 3rd floor to enter Andy Warhol’s. He was just an illustrator and artist. It exhibited his creations, such as paintings, products, belongings (some examples were boxes; called Time Capsule), art-making (e.g. “clouds” from helium ballon covered with silver), film, etc. Around 12 we went to the 4th floor to see some of the origin of the ArtScience Museum, which they explain why the museum combines art and science. We went straight to B2 floor to continue the Andy Warhol’s exhibition. There we were instructed to photograph our belongings; and made a glasses from paper.

We then went back to our parents, had lunch at Rasapura Masters, at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I had char siew wanton noodle; and honeydew melon. Around 1 pm we went back to our hotel room. Around 2 pm, we rode taxi to NUS University Cultural Centre to attend the commencement of my brother. Around 3pm the commencement started until around 5; we took a lot of photos until around 6 pm. There we met his friends. We went to Clementi Mall’s Crystal Jade Kitchen to had dinner. Our dinner was baby kailan, fish, pork (pai kut), char siew,  and sio bak. For dessert, they gave me and my sister mango pudding, while the other got red bean soup. The mango pudding was very nice, it was combination of real mango, pudding, and some milk.

Finally my brother left us and we went back to our hotel by taxi after bought some “souvenirs” from Bee Cheng Hiang (Mei Cen Siang)