Holiday (1)

16 December 2014

My first week of holiday has been spent on attending Web Science and Data Analytic Summer School 2014 at NUS School of Computing. Hence, I need to wake up very early in the morning, just to make it on time. And this week ended with me going back to my hometown.

Monday was tiring, very tiring. I woke up at 6, commuted, and arrived at NUS SoC at 8.10 am while the registration only opens at 8.30am. Here, I met Mr. Aditya Rama Mitra, a professor from UPH who also came here too early. Well, this “summer school” were attended mostly by graduate students, professors, and industries. This first day, after some opening speeches, there were series of keynote talks (more like lectures) from various speakers from different universities and countries, although mostly from UK. The content itself were quite heavy and hence, very tiring. But well, there were free food on this day. After the free dinner, I rushed back, and rested.

From Tuesday onward, there were no free food anymore. Nevertheless, the talks were just on the morning (and one on evening, which I didn’t attend). Another realization is that foods from NUS Canteens were cheap, at least compared to NTU’s.

On Tuesday, after the talk, I went to Plaza Singapura, to find my sister’s book. After that, I went to Daiso, bought some snacks, and McD for an ice cream. After that I rushed to NTU, particularly Nanyang House, for some matters and then went back to my room, watching “Transcendence” which was quite bad in terms of storyline: quite confusing and illogical.

On Thursday, I was faced with MRT breakdown in the morning and I took bus to NUS instead. And I left the talk early as I had a NTUBS meeting in the afternoon, as well as STARS Wars, in which I “lost” again this time and had to contact course registration officer to help in registering some of my preferred index. After meeting, we went to Hall 14, having dinner, prepared by Thao.

On Friday night, I went out for a dinner with Alwyn, Filbert, Leto, and Robin at Tanjong Pagar area. Sometimes, it’s nice to hang out and have fun.

On Saturday, I joined NTUBS MC Outing. For me, it’s having lunch together, and they sent me off at Changi airport. I went back to Medan, met my family, and had dinner at Sushi Tei, Centre Point, and spent the rest of the night offline.

Woke up late on Sunday, had Hokkien Mie Akheng for breakfast, visited my maternal grandfather & grandmother. Then had nasi padang for lunch, did coding while helping my sister for her math exam, went swimming. For dinner, we had my mum’s cooking and ice cream with fruit! :)

The week had been tiring and ended well. For next 3 weeks, I’ll be spending my days here at Medan. Hopefully will do something productive by the end of this holiday.

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