Holiday (2)

23 December 2014

That week was “Star Wars” week cause I watched 6 Star Wars movies (Episode I till VI in 7 days: Monday-Friday + Sunday).

I also experienced the unreasonably slow Internet only on my laptop. I never knew why at some times it will go as fast as line speed (1 Mbps) but on other times, the upload speed (which is around one tenth of line speed) will be faster than the download speed.

Another thing was I started to play Tony Hawk America Wasteland on PS2 every morning and finished the story mode by the end of the week.

Aside from that, I’ve started playing Simcity (2013 game) and it was as addicting as Simcity 4, although the city size were small, there were no control over policy, and worst of all, the expensive mass transit infrastructure generates no income at all (unlike Simcity 4, where the expense of maintaining those infrastructure can be partially covered by the fares). After some searches, there were other number of illogical points found in this game: electricity, water, garbage service, and education are all free (generate no income at all). Well played Maxis.

On Monday, I explored some games that I purchased (legally, for the first time) from Mozilla Humble Bundle. Well, the games were playable although not that exciting nor addicting. Only some time killer.

On Tuesday, I was more productive: I visited my projects: Raun, Code!, and URECA project.

Raun is the (near) real-time Wikipedia recent changes watcher, which I’m transforming it to be more “streamlined” (transferring less size of data) and be more “card UI” (after reading an article that after Flat UI, the world is moving towards Materials Design and Card UI.

Code! is the project to collaboratively do coding, which initially intended to be used for ACM ICPC training. At some online contest which we participated as a team, the norm is to send via Facebook message the code file to a person whom username is used to submit solutions, it’s quite hard as in when someone is stuck and needed other person to debug the code, it’s just troublesome to send file over and over. Why not code it collaboratively and just share the link? Hence, the idea was born. The real-time support is done by Firebase. This project uses CodeMirror (quite popular code editor for web) which I configures to use Sublime keybinding (Sublime Text is one of my favorite text editor). The project supports export to Github Gist, compile using Ideone, and chat. Well, I never tested it out in real environment since the days were over. Try to collaborate here. :)

The URECA project, on the other hand, is mostly coded by my partner, Edwin, in which I was too lazy to read all those lines of codes of processing (it was so damn long) and went directly to enhance the project at the other part as promised.

On other occasion, I started to read some suttas for my NTUBS BAW assignment. Well, there were a lot of thing to read.

On Wednesday, I continued to develop those projects and finished the redesign of Raun as well as Code!

On Thursday night when I watched Star Wars Episode IV, an electricity blackout occurred for less than an hour. Blackout here was way nicer than the blackout at Hall 4: in minutes, at Hall 4, sweat will come out while here it was cozy enough.

On Friday evening, my aunt and uncle took me, my cousin, my grandmother, and some relatives out for a dinner at Cemara Asri and went for some visits there.

On Saturday, another blackout struck again, but this time I had Simcity installed and were playing it all along till night. Before dinner, we went for swimming. Again, I imagined that the depth were as deep as SRC’s pool (2.5m) but in fact it was just around 1.5m deep and hence my jump were not satisfactory as I hurt myself. For dinner, my family went out to Waringin Seafood (it’s like a tradition since my brother went abroad for study, whenever he came back, we always went here once for dinner).

On Sunday, my family did a prayer at Vihara Borobudur for commemorating the first year of my grandfather’s death. After that we had a big breakfast/lunch (I’ve had my breakfast but to early to call it lunch) at Dimsum Ayung at Jalan Babura Lama. After going back, I played Simcity all along until night before I watched Star Wars Episode VI. For dinner, we went out to Pizza Hut Suprapto and ordered “Fishchips pizza” (no longer named this way and I don’t remember the new name) and the new Okoyaki pizza (Okonomiyaki-tasted pizza with unique side).

In summary, the week was spent on playing games, coding, family time, little reading, and mostly on watching movies/TV series.

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