Star Wars

December 2016

31 December 2016

(rushing, because I have procrastinated a lot in my holiday)

I started off December with my last final exam on CZ4042 Neural Networks. It was an open book examination and I felt I did quite okay in it. Then, on 5th, I presented my FYP to my prof and examiner; some of my friends were also there watching. My prof later told me that, I should come back the day after for some further discussion regarding my FYP: she wanted me to just reformat my FYP and publish it on ArXiv.

In my final days in NTU hall, I attended a PINTU photo shoot, packed my stuffs, spent lots of hours playing games (Tropico 5, Cities:Skylines). On 7 Dec, I moved out from NTU hall. Moving was done via Lalamove which was booked earlier on, but during the appointed time, the driver wasn’t contactable, such that I called Lalamove support and they changed the driver. The 2nd driver got lost in NTU but after some time, finally we met. Quickly, I loaded all my stuffs inside the van. It was just half full. I tagged along in the van to Boathouse. The journey there was quite hot as the car aircon isn’t working well. The driver also helped the unloading part with lots of trolleys. Because of this, the unloading only took 1 trip. After finished moving, I already gained around 10k steps (and it was just around 3 pm). I was really tired.

There were few days spent here before I went back to Medan. I spent the first night going to Hougang Central, bought an HDMI cable (to connect my laptop to the TV), and watched The Martian. It was a really nice movie. After that, I continued with playing Cities:Skylines on TV. Woah, it was really nice having a large screen and managing a city. This time, my Bluetooth keyboard and long-wired mouse were put into a good use.

The next day, I woke up quite early to go to Heartland Mall, Kovan, meeting Hadi Wijaya who presented to me some stuff about finance and investment. Honestly I didn’t feel like meeting him but since I was free, so why not. #TIL: There is a kind of investment where you can sell some kind of stock (even when you own nothing) before buying it back. After that meeting, I went around at Heartland Mall and found one laundry shop. I ate lunch at the hawker centre next to the mall before going to Hougang Central again. At Hougang Central, I found another laundry shop, and then I shopped at Fairprice. Going back, I watched The Reverant. The picture was really good, but the story wasn’t. I continued with having nap, playing more games, swimming, and then had dinner at the small hawker center on the opposite of Boathouse, around the HDB area. The night was spent on watching Star Trek: Into the Darkness (it was also very good) and playing Cities:Skylines.

On 9th December, I essentially spent the whole day playing game and watching movies to the point that I was bored with them. Lunch was taken at another hawker centre (Foodfare) along Boathouse, where I found a coin laundry shop and another Fairprice. I went in and bought ice cream to eat along when watching Avatar (James Cameron’s one) later on. The movie was long and really nice. There was call-to-adventure, main character had fun exploring and gaining experience, having conflicts, and best of all, a happy ending. I ate dinner at the hawker centre opposite Boathouse again and then go on to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.


I went back to Medan on 10 December. Going to airport quite early by bus from Hougang Central. In Medan, days were passed with boring routines: Play games and other chores

Some tasks that were planned to be done in this holiday were done quickly

  • I tried to set up my 2nd Pine board but I misconfigured it such that DHCP client was off and I couldn’t ssh into it anymore. I planned to just reflash it with the disk of the 1st Pine board once I got back to Singapore
  • I wrote a manga reader with Electron and Vue.js, then caught up with the latest Detective Conan manga. Whew, Akai’s family was complicated.

This holiday, I downloaded more games (legally from Steam, bought at Humble Bundle at a highly discounted price :P ). I spent way too much hours on Prison Architect, an addictive prison building-and-managing game, with a “campaign” (story mode), sandbox mode, and also escape mode. I also started and finished Chroma Squad on casual (easy/ way too easy) mode. The story was okay, though I felt too much reference to Kickstarter backers were mentioned. Besides that, I continues playing on Cities:Skylines.

On movies, I watched Rouge One on the day after it premiered in cinemas. Besides that, I also caught up with TBBT season 10 and Star Wars Rebels season 3.

On friends, I caught up with friends from high school, where we ate at Seoul Garden CP at Christmas Eve (irrelevant info as we don’t really have anything Christmasy :P ). Besides that, on 29th, Golfin came to my house to do the usual data transfer thingy :P


Holiday (2)

23 December 2014

That week was “Star Wars” week cause I watched 6 Star Wars movies (Episode I till VI in 7 days: Monday-Friday + Sunday).

I also experienced the unreasonably slow Internet only on my laptop. I never knew why at some times it will go as fast as line speed (1 Mbps) but on other times, the upload speed (which is around one tenth of line speed) will be faster than the download speed.

Another thing was I started to play Tony Hawk America Wasteland on PS2 every morning and finished the story mode by the end of the week.

Aside from that, I’ve started playing Simcity (2013 game) and it was as addicting as Simcity 4, although the city size were small, there were no control over policy, and worst of all, the expensive mass transit infrastructure generates no income at all (unlike Simcity 4, where the expense of maintaining those infrastructure can be partially covered by the fares). After some searches, there were other number of illogical points found in this game: electricity, water, garbage service, and education are all free (generate no income at all). Well played Maxis. …

Hometown (1)

22 December 2013

This week is my first week back at my hometown. Mostly, I spent my time playing Pokemon Emerald during the mornings and during the blackouts, because I played it on my Surface. Besides playing, I also watch lectures of coursera and got assigned to do the NTUBS library website. …