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22 December 2013

This week is my first week back at my hometown. Mostly, I spent my time playing Pokemon Emerald during the mornings and during the blackouts, because I played it on my Surface. Besides playing, I also watch lectures of coursera and got assigned to do the NTUBS library website.

On Monday, my 2nd week quiz on coursera is submitted right 1 minute before the deadline, whew. I continued my Connect-4 project by implementing some MVC but then I got stuck because of some error which I am unfamiliar (and I can’t find the solution on stackoverflow.com).

On Tuesday, I got a fever. When I woke up, I feel like my surroundings are cold and I need blanket badly. But then it turned out that I got a headache too which makes me unfit for coding (and also playing Pokemon did not help). Most of the time I just lay down on my bed. Until I got some medicine that I feel better and go online. On Tuesday night, Rizky contacted me to help NTUBS team to create a website, which I got the library part.

On Wednesday, I felt better and started to think of some website layouts, database designs, etc while playing Pokemon too. On the night, I and my family went to Vihara Maitri to do some chanting. Well, it was long time ago since the last time I do Mahayana chanting.

On Thursday, I woke up early to compete on my first STARS wars. It was very intense. The feeling is similar to joining an online competitive programming contest (like Codeforces), but this one with a greater ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’. It was like “be the first to read problem -> understand -> code -> submit -> AC” but this one is just “be the first to click ‘Add courses to STARS’ -> select course type (for PEs & UEs) -> confirm-> got Cores registered”. Well, I click the button right on the second which the “war” started, and I successfully registered my cores (on my preferred time slots), yay!

On Thursday afternoon, I started to code the layout and implement some features. Because my Dreamweaver crashes a lot (dunno why), I started to use Sublime Text (which was recommended by a member of last week’s bootcamp who said that in the job world, they can’t afford to provide Dreamweaver). On the night, we went to vihara again to do some chanting dedicated to my grandfather.

On Friday, I continued the work on the library website (for the whole afternoon). In the evening, I watched Star Wars: Clone Wars. Overall, the movie was nice although it was an animation. It was a fun movie because of the stupidity of the Trade Federations droids.

On Saturday, besides continuing the work on library website, I also continued playing KH358/2 which now is getting started to the real story (and not just the tutorials).

On Sunday morning, I and my family went to Vihara Borobudur to do chanting dedicated to my grandfather. In the afternoon, we went to Sun Plaza. It was quite long since the last time I’m here. We ate lunch at Uncle K and have a coffee at Starbucks after went shopping (which I bought 2 Detective Conan books). While in Gramedia bookstore, I also read 2 comic books by “Mice”, woah it was very fun to read his books but then I did not want to buy it cause the bookshelf in my room can already be considered full. On the evening, we went to Smokey Ribs to have dinner. After going back, I continued playing KH358/2, which I played until the day Roxas teamed up with Xion.

Overall this week has been filled with playing Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days while also doing things on my personal Connect-Four game and the library website. Besides, I also fulfilled the coursera course 3rd week lectures (which I played on 1.2-1.4x speed and still understood what the lecturer said) and quiz on time.

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