Hometown (2)

28 December 2013

This week is the 2nd week of my holiday. I and my family traveled to Brastagi from Tuesday till Friday.

On Monday, I spent the day just for coding NTUBS Library website and the evening for playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

On Tuesday morning, we traveled to Brastagi. In the afternoon, I quickly code and finished my work on NTUBS Library website. Yay! In the evening, I was “captured” by TV and watched some programs there for about 2 hours. It was so long since the last time I was watching TV for that long time. After that, I just realized that it was late already, I viewed (and played for some time) the Google Santa Tracker (which was shared by a friend in the News Feed)

On Wednesday, it was Christmas but nothing special here. I finished the coursera course week 4 lectures in one seating (for around 2 hours), including the weekly quiz. Yeah! After that, I experiments around Mozilla Persona, the “simpler way to sign in”.

On Wednesday night, I close the day with watching Now You See Me. It was a movie about magic shows, but then the magic seems like made by camera and video editing; not a real magic tricks. But then, the movie was a good one.

On Thursday, I continued the Connect-Four project. After stuck here and there, I realized that the problem is caused by


because the inheritance of “this” got shifted here and there that I am too confused to keep track on. Also, the MVC stucture makes me harder to keep track of everything. I decided to scrap them away and make everything whatever I like as long as it works first. Finally, it works! Although it was very simple (the AI was just randomly choose a move), at least it works. At first, I make it playable only on the browser console, and then ported the moves to the canvas. Time to work on the user interface, animation, and then the AI. By the way, the project source code is available at http://github.com/kenrick95/c4 and the game is playable at https://rawgithub.com/kenrick95/c4/master/index.html.

On Friday, NTU Exam results are out! I’m at excited state now! When I woke up, the first thing I do after cleaning myself and breakfast is to check the exam results. I got first-class GPA (which is very near to 2nd-upper-class). Yay! Feeling relieved because I S/U-ed Principle of Economics; I then calculate that the probability of Principle of Economics pulled down the GPA to 2nd-upper is quite high. The current GPA is at the line between 2nd-upper class and first class because of CZ1004 Great Ideas in Computing which resulted in a B, the lowest one among others. Nevertheless, things that are in the past will stay in the past. Let’s do better in the next semesters.

On Friday afternoon, I and my family went back to Medan. On the night, I stumbled upon the game Despicable Me: Minon Rush which I installed in my Surface and it turned out to be very nice. I spent most of the times playing this recently.

On Saturday and Sunday, I and my family went to do chanting from the afternoon till evening. It was tiring although throughout the chanting most of the times we just sat down on the chair.

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