Waringin Seafood

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Holiday (2)

23 December 2014

That week was “Star Wars” week cause I watched 6 Star Wars movies (Episode I till VI in 7 days: Monday-Friday + Sunday).

I also experienced the unreasonably slow Internet only on my laptop. I never knew why at some times it will go as fast as line speed (1 Mbps) but on other times, the upload speed (which is around one tenth of line speed) will be faster than the download speed.

Another thing was I started to play Tony Hawk America Wasteland on PS2 every morning and finished the story mode by the end of the week.

Aside from that, I’ve started playing Simcity (2013 game) and it was as addicting as Simcity 4, although the city size were small, there were no control over policy, and worst of all, the expensive mass transit infrastructure generates no income at all (unlike Simcity 4, where the expense of maintaining those infrastructure can be partially covered by the fares). After some searches, there were other number of illogical points found in this game: electricity, water, garbage service, and education are all free (generate no income at all). Well played Maxis. …

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Hometown (3)

5 January 2013

This is my last week on my hometown before going back to Singapore.

On Monday, Golfin visited me. We chatted for a long time that day sharing each other stories about life as a university student in different places. He also passed me the TOKI shirt which was used by the judges at OSN 2013. After he left, I went to experiment around making animation in the connect-four game.

On Tuesday, which was new year’s eve, I implemented a minimax agent for the connect-four game as an AI, before this, the AI was just a random agent. After that, I wrote about the 2013 in review. Then finally to celebrate new year, I watched a Christmas movie titled “Arthur Christmas”. It was an animation movie from Aardman Animations, the studio which produces Shaun the Sheep. The movie was nicely done.

On Wednesday, I updated the connect-four game’s evaluation function a little bit to make it avoid losing and aim for winning. (but still not perfect as in some instances it will not go for straightly winning the game). By the way, the game is playable at http://kenrick95.github.io/c4. This day I came across some good old games titled “Rise of Nations”. This game as well as the comic book titled “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” (in Indonesian, 500 page, haha) killed some times. I spent the rest of time catching up the lectures for coursera.

Thursday and Friday is spent for implementing Server-Sent Events to Raun and to watch lectures on coursera. By the way, I finished 2 week lectures and quizzes on this week as next week I will be joining a camp and can’t do anything else.

On Saturday, I and my friends went out to Sun Plaza to meet up each other. It was a long times since the last time I meet Edward, Leonard, and Roselyn. Although we spent most our times just chatting, overall it was fun like the previous ones. On this day too, my father and mother (and also my uncle) got defrauded by a person who hacked my brother’s Facebook account.

On Sunday, after doing chanting for my grandfather, I and my family went to Carrefour to buy my milk stock. We had lunch at Pizza Hut and dinner at Waringin Seafood.

Next week on Monday I will have returned back to Singapore. Hope that the NTUBS Dhamma Camp 2014 will be fun.

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Chinese New Year and TWoS

Is it a coincidence? Last year’s TWoS was around Chinese New Year too. Haha

Okay, this week I had a special Chinese New Year. On the first week, which was this week, almost every day I and my family went out to have lunch or dinner.

9 February:

The big family gathering in Medan to have a big lunch, not dinner. This year, we celebrate the family dinner in just 5: I, my brother, my sister, my father, and my mother. The dinner is at Restaurant Garuda, which was unusual because it is Minang food, not Chinese, like the previous years. I continued playing Roller-Coaster Tycoon.

10 February

We went out like the year before to “hunt” for red pockets. I’m not in a very good health this day, but my body’s temperature was a bit higher than normal. And after I search the Internet, it wasn’t necessary to take medicine that lower body’s temperature if it is not very severe (above 39 degree Celcius). When we went back to Malibu’s home, we opened a grape juice and drank it all. I continued reading “The Hound of Baskervilles”.

11 February

On this day, we ate our lunch at Sakae Sushi, a Japanese restaurant at Hermes Place. Just a usual place, like other Japanese restaurant.

12 February

This day we went out to have a big lunch at Duck King at Cambridge City Square, after that we went up to the apartment to visit our cousin; and then visit the swimming pool. I’ve been working all day on TWoS preparation.

13 February

We went to Brastagi on the morning and went back to Medan at the evening. There, I read some magazines, took a nap, and continued reading “The Hound of Baskervilles”. Back in Medan, I continued my effort on perfecting TWoS preparation.

14 February

First day of school. It’s a tiring day at school. At the evening, the other family came to Medan and invited us to attend their dinner at Taipan Restaurant at the Capital Building. We managed to take photo with the Valentine’s Day event held there. :P

15 February

Just usual day at school except I, Edward, and Sylvia having a follow-up test on Mandarin at the Teacher’s Room. At home, I accidentally fall asleep and when I woke up, I felt having slept for long hours. I was just feeling nothing to do. And then I browse Wikipedia to find out that I have been an administrator of Indonesian Wikipedia. As promised, my first move is to start translating Twinkle, an administration-related tool for admins and non-admins.

16 February

We have TWoS on this day! Also, my group (for music class) got rehearsal in minutes before TWoS started. The event went well, especially for my part: there was almost no complain on the performance of the game, except on Steven’s laptop where I think the Firefox version is outdated. Also on this TWoS, I got a souvenir from Geoscience stall. It was my first souvenir after following many TWoS.

At the evening, my family went out to have dinner at Waringin Seafood. It was the dinner before my brother departed for Singapore the next day in the morning.

17 February

Today was tiring. Although I woke up around 6, I got out of bed around 7 to use the toilet and then went back to sleep. That moment, I saw my brother in his SNU jacket preparing to go to the airport. Around 10, we got news that he arrived there.

Around 12, we went out to YSPP to attend Chinese New Year celebration event. The event food was prepared by Maxim Restaurant. It was quite unique. The event overall was crowded as there were four additional tables which were placed outside the room where the event was held. But like previous years’ lunch, this year’s was quite nice.


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