Yeah it’s true that 8+8=16, and I’m 16 on the eight day of the eight month. It’s October8 ! (October literally means the 8th month). I still remember the moment of that day, from early in the morning until late at night.

In the morning, as usual, I wake up at 6:11 a.m. (woken up by alarm clock). Before I ate the breakfast, my family celebrate a very tiny party: my mom prepares the cake, set up the candles, and then I blow them. In the class, my classmates sings “Happy birthday” song to me. In the mandarin lesson, which the teacher is absent, Roselyn dance and sing “happy birthday” song for me. (because she loses a bet)

This day, my group will rehearse and discuss a more technical things about the drama. I skipped the first session of Programming Club, which Mr. Arta, an ex-programming-club-teacher, came back to teach the Programming Club and gave me a Chocolate bar for my birthday. This is the first time to receive a present from a non-family (he is a non-family, but we share the same family name) which age is older than mine.

I thought we would rehearse in XI IS-01, but we were not permitted by the janitor, which told us to get home that time (I think this is because the janitor think that we actually are from XI IS-01). So we move to the other class, XII IA-08, but the class condition is terrible, the floor is dirty, slippery, etc. At last we move to our ex-class, X-03! When I first connect the projector cable to my laptop, my laptop crashed! I restarted it and the reconnect the projector to it. Wow. . . This is the first time my laptop connected to an external display. Then we discuss about the technical things like where we would stand in the dialogue, or from where we should came into the stage.

We do that until the other janitor came in and ask us not to stay for too long as she wants to clean the classroom. After some time we separate there. I and Golfin went back to join the second session of the Programming Club while the others went home.

In the Programming Club, I was forced to share the chocolate bar with the member of the club. Then I find something else to do. Well, as usual, I forced Theddy to solve a problem in TOKI Learning Center.

At 3:45pm I went home. As usual I went to the other house and go swimming despite of the rainy weather.

I and my family went to “Waringin Seafood” for dinner. We ate fish (of course), squid, tofu; and drank coconut water.

At 9, finally I got home. My mother were using my laptop for the Farmville first while I was doing my homework. When she finished, I use my laptop for listening to music while doing homework.

I got many greetings from social networking sites. I got them from Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia. Mostly I got them from Facebook. Emails didn’t count as the greetings are sent automatically from a server.

At 11, I went to sleep while charging my laptop’s batteries.

That’s the detailed journal of my life on October 8, 2011. Have a nice day.

P.S. The first song that I sang (in my head) in the morning is Coldplay- Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

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