A Rush of Problems to My Head

As the title reads, this week, most of the problems are come in and then solved. This week main problems are:

  1. lots of homework (especially from tuition)
  2. the drama: we have practice it more and more seriously than before. 4 other groups have performed this week, next week, it must be my group turn.
    • The first group theme was a critic and comedy on Sherlock Holmes which was not so good because the actor/actress speaks not clearly
    • The second group acted too funny, their theme was “Spartan v.s. 3 idiots”. The story was when 3 Spartans met 3 idiots and they fought; Spartans won and at last they sang and danced together.
    • The third group acted funny, but not too good because in some scene, the spoke softly. It was about 2 naughty students turned into hardworking student. This drama critics some of the teachers of our school.
    • The fourth group was about a non-magician student get into for magician only school and at last she (actually she is a man) get her love with the one who she loved. Not so good because the ending was too short. The ending was when the one who she loved fall down and she caught her. And then the end.

    I’m afraid that our drama isn’t as good as theirs because I think we are the only group which theme was sad while the others are comedy.

  3. presentation at English tuition (get it on Monday; finished on Wednesday)
  4. lots of question from classmates (especially on Maths, Physics, and Chemistry: I somewhat dislike this because I’m too lazy to explain it over and over again on the same question for different friends)
  5. caught a flu: ahh, it got worsen tonight.


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