Parachutes and Schematics

Last week is Parachutes week. That week my problems (including assignments and homeworks) are accumulating and this week, one by one problem is solved.

Last Sunday (2 October 2011), from 10:00-14:00, there was a programming contest called “National Programming Contest” in the “Schematics 2011” event which was held online. This time, the contestant were in groups that consist of maximum 2 people. My group, called “ndmCPmts”, consists of me and Golfin. The other group from the same school called “stmPCmdn”, consists of Peter and Willy. Willy couldn’t online that time so only Peter participated in the contest. We communicate in the contest using Windows Live Messenger. (actually in the real contest, we may not do this, but because that is not in the regulation, so we do it) I was very happy, because from 8 problems, I solved 5 of them (1 of them was helped by Peter; but I helped Peter the other 4!). In the end, my group solved 7 of them! (of course Peter’s group also solved 7 out of 8).

Last week, we discussed and debated the script for the drama. We also practiced it almost daily although almost all of us are not serious. I hope that my laptop can connect the display to the projector for some of the text can only be communicated to the audience through the screen. Well, I have managed to make a Shockwave Flash (swf) program to control the display, the music and the sound effect.

I think last week is semi-Parachutes week because only about 50% of the week I listen to songs from Parachutes. The rest are mostly the single Paradise and Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall for the upcoming album Mylo Xyloto.


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